Pineapples Are the New Frontline of China and Taiwan's Feud

China, Taiwan’s biggest fruit buyer, abruptly banned all Taiwanese pineapples in March and left many farmers scrambling. Coming in the middle of the two countries’ escalating feud, this trade ban prompts many people in Taiwan to re-evaluate the country’s economic dependency on China’s lucrative consumer market.

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40 Replies to “Pineapples Are the New Frontline of China and Taiwan's Feud”

  1. WC

    If you ever get a chance to visit taiwan, and see an old man or woman selling pineapples out of their mini pick up truck, buy one from him. The cutting of the fruit itself is a show and they are remarkably delicious.

  2. theuglykwan

    Diversify and reduce exposure to the Chinese market so their boycotts have limited impact. Going forward, exporters need to know that the Chinese market is lucrative but also high risk.

  3. D

    This is good as it serves as a wake up call for you to diversify your business dont put all your eggs in a basket not only for china but the same thinking must be applied to all other countries too especially white Caucasian countries they are very famous for protectionism of their business ! (looking at you America !)

  4. Dj Kalis

    Eh, Taiwan should move away from pineapples. They don't even scratch the top 10 international producers of that fruit. Invest in something else.

  5. Pravin Dahal

    Don't bite the hand that feeds you. You can't have an economy dependent entirely on China and then align with the US when it comes to the trade war.

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