Food Review in Taiwan- Family Mart's Mapo Tofu

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Here’s a look at a dish from the convenience store, Family Mart, in Taiwan. I’ll be reviewing ma-po tofu.

Hope this video is helpful to some!

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  1. imhellocasey

    @Joe Smith: Yeah! It's super yummy. Pretty good price, gets you decently full, and a lot more calorie friendly in comparison to the other meals I've reviewed. And, teaching isn't bad in Taiwan, depending on where you work. Some cities (e.g. Taipei) are much more competitive. I decided to go to another city, not because I can't compete, but, it's a lot relaxed I'd say and less stressful. It's chill. The hours depend on what you sign up for. Some people go for a contract and a salary, in which case I've heard are around 8 or 9 to 5 jobs. BUT, they often make you do "outside" work without pay, e.g. calling parents after school, making progress reports, creating and rehearsing plays, etc. all without pay and not within the contract, but is expected of you to complete. Instead, I work PT. The good thing is I basically choose my hours for the most part, and work however many students they can give me. On the other hand, it's not as "secure" or stable I suppose. I'd say I work around 20-25 hours depending on the week between two different places. You don't need a teaching license to be a tutor in Taiwan. A master's degree could be a great advantage! Some don't even major in English so you should be good to go if you plan on teaching. It's more of your demo's you've got to work on–personality, how you can simplify meanings to students, etc. Hope that helps!

  2. Self Made

    I remember at some convenience store they sold a triangular rice and seaweed snack with salmon or other choices inside.  It was really good and about $1 or a little more.  How is teaching in Taiwan?  Are the hours really long?  I have a master's degree but no teaching license.

  3. Umberto Calvini

    Happy New Year, Casey!  You look great and  articulate your thoughts very well. You're quite analytical.  My guess is that you studied physical science in college?  I'd love to see all the videos of your life in Taiwan!  I watch "Kyde and Eric" from Japan, and "paulbinandchlobo" from Kaohsiung regularly. They're just like you! No fancy post-production or editing. They just talk to the camera and voice their thoughts and feelings. I'd love to see all your favorite eating places, things to do, places visited. Are you still in Hsinchu? How far are you from Danshui? How do you like riding your scooter in seemingly chaotic traffic? It seems very dangerous to me.

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