Walking in Taipei (Taiwan)

Taipei , officially known as Taipei City is the capital city and a special municipality of Taiwan. Situated at the northern tip of Taiwan.

33 Replies to “Walking in Taipei (Taiwan)”

  1. Roy V 2046

    I enjoy your videos tremendously, but I fully understand why many would prefer to shoot the finger at you (us) rather than smile and wave…. cause your walking in the middle of the freaking street! Remember, you're "presenting" the world to us. Don't present it as a guy walking in the middle of the road… that's just rude and disrespectful. Again, as I do enjoy them tremendously, my critique is in the hope of improvement on an already amazing experience.

  2. nabucho123

    taipei is an amazing city (I prefered kaohsiung),i've been with a friend in taiwan on our own, last year. the country is not well-known enough.shilin market,confucius temple. the only bad point: tourism is made for chinese , few europeans went there at the time, but it was fun…..

  3. JohnGee123

    Is there some social rule or law that says you must walk in the road, gutter, or right on the curb, even when there are sidewalks available? When you do this, mostly what can be seen are parked vehicles, traffic and street drains.

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