Ready to Eat Food at a Japanese Supermarket

Trying 10 ready to eat food at a Japanese Supermarket

44 Replies to “Ready to Eat Food at a Japanese Supermarket”

  1. 9C 03 Jui Nandvilkar

    You're so cute!! I love how u nod and smile every time u like the taste of the food and your honest and simple reviews, there's no annoying music, just pleasant background sounds and it's so relaxing to watch! Love this channel!!😍😍

  2. nethra kitchen

    But how did u eat tht food because wheather tht food is hot or not hot and tht food hve been pack form so many day 😂 whether tht food was fresh or not fresh ! 🙄Bcz ur health I'll get upset rgt !

  3. Minah Raven

    I know people get irritated when BTS gets brought up at every opportunity, but this time, it's for a good reason: Her reaction to the salmon belly sashimi genuinely makes Hobi look downright cranky in comparison XD I can't think of anyone more consistently gleeful than him, but her reaction at that point is just so full of sunshine, I quite literally went 'Oh my gosh! That's so adorable!' out loud. I love seeing people who don't bother to stop to distill their reactions down to 'yeah, this is is good' and instead allow themselves to just express themselves however they choose, whether that's with words, gleeful giggles, or a happydance. That's what food should be about – genuine enjoyment and experience – and it's part of why I just keep on coming back here every day to catch up on videos I haven't seen yet and watching new ones <3

  4. Grönemeyer

    Could you please show your girlfriends face less?

    I love these videos but her overexeggerated expressions are very annoying

    Much prefer you typing "yummy" or something

  5. Amazekeen

    Idk why I hate the reactions tbh, its the same on every meal as if she has absolutely never put anything similar in her mouth or have not eaten in ages, not everything deserves the same damn reaction, we get it its yummy but those dont look like honest reactions anymore, I cant tell anything about the food other than the descriptions on the text bellow. Her reactions were cute the first 100 times I saw her now they are repetitive and annoying as hell.

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