Taiwan Hot Pot|All You Can Eat Hot Pot in Taiwan |Taiwan Travel Vlog|Huo Guo|Buffet Hotpot in Taiwan

Hot pot ( huo guo) is most famous in Taiwan. Hot pot / hotpot is based on soup food or steamed food. It is prepared with a simmering pot of soup stock at the table. More variety of soups are available , Tomato soup, mashroom soup, kimchi soup and herbal soup.

Most of the hot pot include meat , vegetables, mushrooms and noodles, egg, tofu and seafoods.

Moslty hot pot divided into 2 categories, such as Southern style and Northern style .Chongqing hotpot is most famous of southeren style it is flavored of chilli peppersand sichuan pepper.

In this video i have showed the buffet hotpot restaurant, here you can eat anything , you can serve yourself all the ingredients.

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