Mijoo X Jisoo’s trip to Kenting, Taiwan! Part.1 [Battle Trip/2018.10.21]

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▶ Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.111
Showtime: Sun 16:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)
Guests: Mijoo and Jisoo of LOVELYZ

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22 Replies to “Mijoo X Jisoo’s trip to Kenting, Taiwan! Part.1 [Battle Trip/2018.10.21]”

  1. AceShotz

    I love how they both asked every guy they saw who is prettier and Mijoo was sad when the guy said Jisoo was prettier 🤣😂 tbh Mijoo is extremely pretty but if they asked me I’d say Jisoo because her smile and because she’s adorable. Jisoo also fits my taste a bit more. Mijoo is a bit too crazy for my liking BUT she’s my bias wrecker none the less

  2. Izzu Anky

    I don't like the ahjuma with short hair style like man,, stop complaining,, just look at it,, ahjuma act like doesn't have attics,, she's just like your daughter ages,, stop act like that,,

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