Sunday records 343 confirmed COVID cases with 36 deaths; Miaoli’s increase surpasses Taipei

Sunday saw another 343 confirmed cases of COVID, 335 were locally infected and eight were retroactively added to previous days” tallies. Sunday”s death toll remained high at 36 deaths. Worthy of note is 75 of Sunday”s confirmed cases were from Miaoli, with 65 of them belonging to the King Yuan Electronics cluster. That”s higher than Taipei”s 64 confirmed cases. With the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend approaching, the government is calling on the public not to go back to their hometowns this year.

Chen Tsung-yen
CECC deputy chief
After we made appeals in the past two days, some people have already refunded their tickets. During the period of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, between June 11 and June 14, the current capacity of TRA trains is less than 10% a day. As for the high-speed rail, the number of passengers on the 11th and 14th is still a bit high. It’s really unnecessary. In this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, for the sake of yourself and your family, I hope everyone can stay put, and not move around.

Su Tseng-chang
When the epidemic is so severe, I call for my compatriots to try not to travel during the Dragon Boat Festival. The less you move, the better the protection, and this is the best way to spend the holiday. We can use video calls and phone calls to stay in touch.

Data shows that for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, there are still 33,000 reserved tickets on the TRA and 56,000 reserved tickets on the HSR. With another 12,000 tickets sold for long-haul buses, it means there will be at least 100,000 people traveling at the end of the week.

4 Replies to “Sunday records 343 confirmed COVID cases with 36 deaths; Miaoli’s increase surpasses Taipei”

  1. Ken Fan

    The Taiwanese government, hsr, and all other transportation should just cancel and refund the tickets. If you're going to contain the virus half measures isnt the way to do it.


    Tzai Ing Wen is playing her selfish politics over the people. Her mind is the same as Modi. Willing to sacrifice the people for their politic. Taiwan covid cases is goin to BOOM UP in the coming days.

  3. Americanknow

    You must be kidding. Covid-19 has 2% death rate. that means you need to have at least 700 infection. You must be intentionally lowering the infection number.

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