Hualien – A Hidden Gem of Taiwan

Ever heard of Hualien? it’s on the East coast of Taiwan. It’s mostly famous for Taroko National park and its pristine beaches.

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  1. Treqou

    I used to live their as a kid, my dad was an engineer that helped build the substations in the mountains and its just a beautiful as I remember it. Really want to go back!

  2. Touring The City Walking

    Your channel is my most favorite! Since last week I by chance discovered it, I have been watching one after the other, and so far I have watched ten videos. You have a very unique way of capturing things and explaining the incidents. Thank you so much.

  3. Brendan Riley

    I find the architecture is not nice; with the exception of some few and far between temples. However the seaside, mountains, etc. are gorgeous and the air is some of the cleanest in Taiwan.
    The people are also wonderful.

  4. Ali Tabooger

    This fella didn’t get to the absolute, most beautiful place in Hualien.

    Mgmuyu River.

    Trek an hour up that river and it’s spectacular.

    Also, nicest beaches in taiwan are at Penghu

  5. Isha Brown

    Taiwan looks amazing in my opinion better than south korea, more natural beauty. South Korea looks nice but is too superficial. Really want to go to Taiwan now, thanks for sharing 👍👍

  6. Laurence Dodds

    I visit often as my wife is Taiwanese. I go once a year and have not seen everything. So many things to see, enjoy and experience. People are welcoming and friendly. Nature lovers would enjoy this

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