Singapore Street Food Hawker Center

Eating at one of the best Hawker Center in Singapore with lots of food stalls

At Hawker centres you can find cheap and affordable meals in expensive Singapore

Old Airport Road Food Centre
Address: 51 Old Airport Rd, Singapore 390051

43 Replies to “Singapore Street Food Hawker Center”

  1. Romano Dom

    Wash and scrub the crab before not after Killing it. That dude is a new hand with an old face. He doesn't even know how to kill a crab mercifully 😂

  2. Missy Citty

    Sadly, a Crab was hurt during the filming of this.
    The immense amount of pain he/ she felt, It truly hurts my heart.
    I could never do something like that for a living. No way.

  3. Mindy Love

    I live in Maryland. What they’re doing to those crabs is cruel. You’re supposed to stab them to kill them,then boil. Chopping them up alive is awful.

  4. Proud Asian Girl

    Your video is very sharp and focused. I love how you just tell the story by showing the stalls withOUT any commentating, UNneccessary music nor shenanigans. However, there was WAY TOO MUCH TIME spent at the crab stall. Otherwise, it was a pleasure to watch. Thank you.

  5. press play

    im blown away at the prices of chicken wings….just as costly as America……number one sales at the super bowl evry year…..junk part of the chicken selling out at number one…….wtf

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