Exploring Taiwan's Biggest Temple Complex!

Today is adventure time as we head out to Taiwan’s biggest temple complex: The Fo Guang Shan Monastery. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into before we arrived, but we were amazed by this huge complex with temples, pagodas, stupas, and impressive scenery. Oh and we made some of our favourite drone shots ever here. ENJOY!

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  3. Jimmy Chen

    I'm a Taiwanese Buddhist and I'm an adherent of Fo Guang Shan (translated as "Buddha Light Mountain"). Thanks for helping to helping to promote my Buddhist monastery. If you visit Taiwan, you will find that Taiwan has a very vibrant religious culture. Many religions in Taiwan are thriving..

    Founded in 1967 by Master Hsin Yun, Fo Guang Shan had grown not just into the largest Buddhist organization in Taiwan, but also the largest Chinese Mahayana Buddhist organization in the world with over 2 million buddhist adherents and 200 dharma centers and temples around the world. We have our own Buddhist universities, Buddhist television channel propagating the dharma, Buddhist charity movement, buddhist teahouse/vegetarian restaurant, buddhist shops etc.

    In general, Fo Guang Shan practices what's known as "Humanism buddhism", a buddhist reformation and progressivism movement that aims to integrate Buddhist faith and practice into modern lifestyle, and making it relevant in modern society. This buddhist reformation movement began when Republic of China (ROC) was based on mainland China before 1949, and continued on to Taiwan when ROC moved to Taiwan after 1949.


  4. Carol

    The Taiwanese guy was asking that when did you come to Taiwan, and find out you'd already in Taiwan for two months which's safe from Wuhan virus, then he can walk away. because everyone is cautious & careful there, so the country can be protected.

  5. Jeremy Chan

    Could you change the word of Chinese?it is for Mandarin, not for Chinese. For example, the man you met in the front door, we won't call him"大爺" in Taiwan.

  6. 雨滴

    很多廟宇 禁止拍攝供奉的佛像, 因為 拍攝就是 不尊敬意思, 外面牆壁 的 神像 與 主要供奉神像不同, 外面 是 展覽用 隨意拍攝 都可以,但是供奉的神像本身帶有靈氣在,需要 自己本身虔誠膜拜, 與 觀光用的佛像不同。

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  8. H. Andy Lingua

    Pretty sure these temples were built without nails, which would be the traditional method for temples and palaces. Did the visitor center or museum say anything about that?

    For example, the brackets at 6:55 look to be 斗拱. If so, each bracket is made with many many pieces of specially carved wood that do not fit tightly together (no nails – they are held together by gravity alone). Instead, these pieces move, almost skeleton like, during earthquakes. By doing so, the wood does not crack. Instead, the energy of the earthquake is dissipated.

  9. Trancemutator

    Did you know the depiction of the Buddha, can be traced back to Greeks from north Africa, that were relocated to Afghanistan by the Persians, who converted to Buddhism. Alexander had the Greeks of Afghanistan cast the Buddha in the likeness of Dionysus. After the death of Alexander, Ptolemy had the Buddha was likeness as Apollo.

  10. 謝謝您二位把我的家鄉拍得好美。

  11. Omega Tsai

    When I came to the temple last Chinese New Year’s Eve, about in February, there are so many many people over there, and very crowded, it's so hot weather in Kaohsiung, even in winter. Hand fan is your good friend, when you walk around that can make you feel comfortable.

  12. BYN HG

    Please visit the National Palace Museum in Taipei. KMT(Nationalist Party) tried their best to relocate the artifacts from mainland China to Taipei as much as possible in 1949. Even the National Museum of China in Beijing is the top three most visited art museums in the world. Most of the true national treasures are Here outside China.

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  14. Sheng Peng Lo

    It is recommended that in Asian countries, do not directly point your finger at the Buddha statue, which is rude to some local customs.

  15. Eve Chen

    謝謝你們拍台灣拍的那麼美,台灣人總是喜歡問觀光客何時何地來台灣的?是閒聊的一種話題,不一定跟疫情有關。希望不要覺得被冒犯,特別是高雄人是超熱情的,跟當地天氣一樣^_^ 那個扇子好有意思,但推薦去 光南 有賣充電手持電扇,台灣夏天真的外出很需要。期待下集帶我們去台灣哪裡走走看看。

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