What Is Taiwan All About? (In 3-Minutes) 🇹🇼

A quick overview of Taiwan including the history, climate, traditional foods, political position, healthcare, and cultural facts.


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26 Replies to “What Is Taiwan All About? (In 3-Minutes) 🇹🇼”

  1. Ry Green

    Taiwan is a free independent country already, we elect our own president, have our own currency, our own flag. Happy we're not torturing people or animals like they do in China.

  2. God is great- America is great

    Name one Taiwanese athlete that uses the ROC flag in the Olympic games. Finally and logically, NO countries in the world can recognize taiwan as an independent country as taiwan hasn't and legally cannot declare independence under their own Republic Of China (ROC) constitution. taiwan is the 23rd province of China. here is a link to prove my facts https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3960905,

    , https://www.ubyssey.ca/news/taiwan-references-changed/, https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4043251, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_General_Assembly_Resolution_2758 and if anyone can find the name TAIWAN under the lists of COUNTRIES here https://www.who.int/countries/en/#T, https://www.state.gov/independent-states-in-the-world/ ; to clarify matters with solid evidence that taiwan is not a country. Disinformation is overly used by the taiwan province of China, stupid democratic government propaganda machines. Very good at telling Lies and Deception.




    Will Taiwan be able to defend itself against China?


    taiwan province of China will be flattened on the first day of the invasion. Open your eyes and use your SMALL brain especially those taiwan pro-independence civilians.

    Let all the International Community know by this presence: Democracy means the practice or principles of social EQUALITY, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. pro-China or not, you are free to voice out. unlike in taiwan province of China, pitiful democracy, SHUTTING DOWN a TV station does nothing but ONLY and ONLY opposes the ideology of the current DPP government of taiwan province of China bragging about being a democratic party. a stupid political party, stupid democracy that is. you don't see that in the USA here. the CNN News network foremost opposition of the administration still exists and standing until now, a GENUINE true democracy compared to the tyranny STUPID democracy in taiwan province of China. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4039324, https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4056473

  3. TYRAbundance

    This is an incredibly engaging, professional and informational video!!! Your channel deserves so much more views and followers ❤️❤️❤️

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