First 626 Night Market 2021 (Reopening Updates) | Biggest Taiwanese Inspired Night Market in America

On today’s Los Angeles day trip, we went to 626 Night Market. 626 Night Market is the biggest Taiwanese inspired night market in America. This event is located in San Gabriel Valley, the biggest Asian community in Southern California. This is a seasonal event that only happens 4x a year in the summer with 3 days event at a time. Go when you have the chance!

A little info: Ticket is $5 per person. This year you must purchase online prior to going, with an additional $0.75 service fee per ticket. Event hours are 4pm-12am, thru 11pm on Sunday. Parking is free. Restroom is available inside.

626 Night Market 2021 dates:
July 9-11th
July 16-18th
August 27-29th
September 3-5th

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Ticket
0:22 General merch
0:54 Food booth
4:06 Eat #1
5:50 Food both
7:17 Eat #2
8:34 Gameplan
9:01 Food booth
11:13 Eat #3
13:01 Closing thought

Our Gear:
– Action camera –
– SD Card –
– Tripod/selfie stick (2 in 1) –
– Microphone –

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18 Replies to “First 626 Night Market 2021 (Reopening Updates) | Biggest Taiwanese Inspired Night Market in America”

  1. Versafied

    I was there last weekend. Felt like Disneyland. I think it’s best to go on the afternoon. The 8p-Midnight we have to wait 30 minutes minimum to get our food.

  2. James Wu

    Thanks for the video. I love this event. My friends and I will probably go in August. When purchasing tickets online, customers have to choose between 4pm-8pm or 8pm-12am. Are they enforcing the time slots? If they are, how are they enforcing it?

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