Taiwan partially lifts Level 3 restrictions, reports 28 new COVID cases

Taiwan reported 28 new local COVID cases and six deaths on Tuesday, as it lifted some Level 3 COVID restrictions. Across the country, tourists were spotted at newly reopened mountain attractions. Hikers are reminded to keep a mask on and to restrict all outdoor gatherings to 10 people.

Level 3 restrictions have been partially lifted, allowing for tour groups of up to nine people. In Kaohsiung, this group of one guide and seven tourists are exploring Shoushan.

Chen Hsi-chien
Tour guide
We’ve got to strike a balance in this pandemic. Big tour groups are out of the question. So we thought, so long as some movement is allowed and we’ve got a little income coming in, it’s all good.
During the worst of Taiwan’s COVID surge, the tourism sector nearly came to a complete standstill. But now that restrictions have eased, travel agencies have rolled out tours specially tailored for the partial reopening. Now turning to Taipei’s Yangmingshan.

There’s practically nobody around the park’s iconic Flower Clock. But nearby, we see a family on a day trip. And over here, a hiker shows us a spray bottle for sanitizing on-the-go.

When out in the wild, hikers must keep face masks on at all times, and gatherings can’t ever exceed 10 people. Over at the national park’s service station and tourist information center, dining in is strictly prohibited, and no hot meals are provided. Tourists say it’s an inconvenience.

It’s inconvenient. But these are unusual times. If it’s inconvenient, so be it. We’ll just have to put up with it.

Chang Shun-fa
Yangmingshan National Park
At the tourist information center, we’ve implemented crowd flow measures and limited capacity. The car park has been limited to 40% capacity.

“Keep your mask on and maintain a safe social distance,” they chant. Tourists have begun trickling into Hehuanshan. To limit capacity at 40%, bollards have been installed at some parking spaces to keep cars out.

Juan Han-kuei
Hehuan police station
Now this car park has only 20 spaces available. We’re asking all tourists to respect the rules.

Though some restrictions have been lifted, local governments around Taiwan are reopening with caution, in hopes that a true reopening will come so

5 Replies to “Taiwan partially lifts Level 3 restrictions, reports 28 new COVID cases”

  1. Everesting high

    Vaccines alone cannot stop this pandemic.
    We still need masks, mass testing, contact tracing,
    14-days border hotel-quarantines before anyone entering the country.

    China still require a 21-days border hotel-quarantines before anyone entering the country.

    Why Australia and Taiwan, long Covid-19 success stories, are seeing a record surge in cases is because they’ve relaxed their strict border measures too soon
    or their border measures was inadequate.

  2. Everesting high

    Vaccines alone won’t get us out of this pandemic

    Taiwanese government is not only rejecting vaccines offered by China
    they stop people from getting tested and traced
    they don’t implement lockdown
    they don’t build temporary hospitals
    they don't prevent new imported cases coming into Taiwan
    so the spread of the virus cannot be stopped in Taiwan

    Isn’t Taiwan holding on their hope securing vaccines from other countries but China?

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