Return to Taiwan, where the sky is always blue (Day 1 – Day 3 trip)

千万不要来台湾。。。 那年匆匆夏天,台湾走一回,一生无悔。
My first passport perfect destination. The Exclusive shot taken by Qi Chen with low budget instant camera. We went from south toe of KaohSiung heading to the Taipei Northern Region. In this video, We spend day and night in KaohSiung, Chiayi, Tainan and Alishan. The people, culture food, environment, convenient, and accessibility really amaze me.

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DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare that I do not own the rights to this quote/music/song/swoosh transition sound effect/ 101 Taipei Tower Scene/Sunshine effect. All rights belong to the owner. No Copyright Infringement Intended. This video is for entertainment purpose only. Not for commercial purpose.

Video Editing Tool: 剪映 / capcut (include sunshine scene effect) CapCut
1st Taipei 101 Tower Scene obtained: Videezy
Music BGM: Said The Sky – Never Gone (feat. Kerli)
Quote obtained:简书 and tiktok-douyin (liyuchengpdhhh)

Transition SFX: 30 Free Cinematic WHOOSH SWOOSH Transition Sound Effects PACK

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