37 Replies to “Taiwan-The Heart Of Asia (English)”

  1. AB C

    Taiwan is much better than this. This video is a total disaster, it's like some armatures filmed the whole things. Go take a look how Japan, Korea even Hong Kong make their videos.

  2. Ang Kami Sherpa

    Thank you for making a great video I really love Taiwan,I moved here from USA three years ago,And the most beautiful country and especially people are really honest.God bless Taiwan always.

  3. Peter Liu

    Taiwan mayor publicly says that Hong Kong is a boring city and tourists should visit Taipei instead of Hong Kong. As a polite city citizen, I will not encourage other tourists not to visit Taipei but would recommend fellow Hongkong citizens only not to visit Taipei unless Taipei Mayor apologies

  4. Steven Wilson

    A very beautiful country with friendly people, interesting culture, soothing music, deep history and excellent cuisine. Taiwan touched my heart and my soul.

  5. Night Knight

    Taiwan – The Heart of Asia
    Malaysia- Truly Asia.
    There are always irrelevant countries say shit like this, you don't see China, Japan claim the title of the whole Asia.

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