Taiwan (台灣) – Landscapes, Cities, People

Let’s take a tour to Taiwan! It’s often underrated as a tourist destination but it has so much to offer! Incredible and unique landscapes, Skyscrapers, delicious cuisine and friendly people.

00:00 – The Taiwan Feeling
02:57 – Behind – Soundtrack made by Tomyrimba
05:45 – Questions & Answers Taipei Documentary

Filmed & Edited by Marcin Zabinski (Zabination)
Business & footage inquiries: [email protected]

Soundtrack produced by Tomyrimba

Soundtrack on Spotify:

49 Replies to “Taiwan (台灣) – Landscapes, Cities, People”

  1. J K

    Thank you very much for the work. I am a Taiwanese American in San Francisco, your work touched me so dearly during this CV period. You captured every facet of the country… even some of which I did not know were even there. Great job!!

  2. Thor's Adventure

    Wow!! Your video is fucking amazing!!
    Love the angles that you chose to view Taipei .
    I wonder what is drone that you are using ?
    Anyway!! Bravo!! Love your great work !!

  3. David Chin

    Why Taiwan never participate in international sport games like Olympics, Asia games or badminton tournament. I never see name of Taiwan or Taiwan flag in these games.

  4. Ray Ha

    Omg! You two are sooo talented! When I was watching the video, I was like danggg the music fit with the shots soooo welllll!!!!! And that is the reason!! U guys worked together so well, very talented you two!!!

  5. P H

    Your film footage of Taiwan really catches its essence . You had great observations and aspects in the video👍👍👍 . It makes me miss my country from here in Europe !
    The travel bureau of Taiwan's government could work with you to promote Taiwan .
    BTW , the background piano music is like melody from heaven ! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Joy Wang

    Dekalog/十誡, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Polish films always manage to create the most profound cinematographic experiences in European film history, its unique ‘yellow green’ color tones and the natural ‘surreal ambiance’ be the elegance and authenticity that other countries simply cannot surpass by~~~
    No wonder you make the most profound u-tube documentaries cuz the talent simply is in your bones….

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