🌄{Hiking} Taiwan Travel — Huangdidian (皇帝殿)

One of the classic day-hikes in the greater Taipei area, Huangdidian, is an exciting walk, part of which follows a bare-rock ridge. The trail is only slightly challenging and walking on the rocks is now safe with fixed ropes in place.

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All shot with GoPro Session 4. Simple color grading with Tom Antos’ free LUT. Thanks Tom!

Music by David Mumford:

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12 Replies to “🌄{Hiking} Taiwan Travel — Huangdidian (皇帝殿)”

  1. Tony Howng

    I met my wife here at this trail 45 years ago, we were at the same hiking group. Sad thing that she can't watching this beautiful video with me but I am really very thankful to you for bring me back such a wonderful memory.
    The trail looks much safer now, no rail, no rope.. back then.

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