【4K Taipei Timelapse】台北 4K 即時影像 -象山看台北- | 台北市日夜縮時影像

【象山看台北 – 4K即時影像】
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【Overlooking Taipei at the top of Xiangshan – 4K Live Streaming】
**The breathtaking splendor of the setting sun**
**The number 1 night view spot**
**A vista of Taipei City**

📍Xiangshan Hiking Trail – The Lookout Platform for Photographers
In addition to serving as a popular attraction for tourists and citizens to relax or take field trips, Xiangshan Hiking Trail is a great spot for amateur photographers to capture stunning landscape photographs. Among them, Photography Platform, known as a must-visit destination for amateur photographers, offers the most excellent panoramic view of Taipei City.

On fine days, Photography Platform located on the Xiangshan Hiking Trail not only provides visitors with a veritable feast of a panoramic view of the City, but also allows them to enjoy the stunny view of blue sky with white clouds, warm orange glow sunset and night city view with neon lights at different times. Also on New Year’s Eve, it gives amateur photographers a good vantage point to set up their cameras and capture great pictures of the magnificent dazzling fireworks.

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【象山から望む台北 – 4K観光スポットのライブ映像】





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  1. ouo白白

    最右邊高樓是最近蓋的嗎 大概幾樓啊?
    好久沒去台北 都不知道
    以後101就不孤單了 天際線願越來越好 🇹🇼台灣❤️❤️

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