Taipei | Taiwan 2021

Let’s take a look at Taiwan in 2021, It’s often underrated as a tourist destination but it has so much to offer! Skyscrapers, great cuisine, friendly people and nice infrastructure.
New to Taiwan? There are so many things about Taipei, Taiwan that totally surprised us as foreigners traveling here for the first time. We will take you to explore the different area in Taipei to see what it is like here and why it’s visited by many tourists. In this video, we will also show you some of the most amazing places to see, our favorite places in the city; Where to go, what to eat, where to eat. If you are planning to travel to Taiwan and have Taipei on your list, this is the travel video for you. Knowing what you can expect from Taiwan is important to better plan your vacation/trips. Exploring Taiwan was actually one of the highlights of our trip. From culture, food, people, scenery, it literally has everything to offer everyone. The main first impression in Taipei that you will get is that you will probably shock/surprise on how modern it is, yet the price is not too high which makes it perfect for budget travel/backpackers who first time traveling to East Asia.

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