Pancake with Egg – Taiwanese pancake recipe easy and fast breakfest

Hi guys in this video I’m going to teach prepare a pancake with egg to make it whenever they want. These pancake with egg Taiwanese food can do with the hot breakfast beverage and enjoy it with your famili and friends 🙂 pancake flour is made really makes this dish taste delicious. Enjoy!

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  1. Natural Connection 天然世界

    Looks so yummy 😋 Love it! Subscribed. Let’s stay connected! I hope you will do the same to support me, my friend. Thank you ❤️ 訂閱! 好棒喔! 希望你也可以這樣支持我 謝謝你喔!💜 👍 🙌

  2. tom Hancock

    I want the recipe for a much thinner batter and no oil. I see videos where they put a ladle full of batter on the grill, and then crack an egg and go from there. Can you give me this recipe

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