taiwan vlog | a week in the countryside 🌾

Another Taiwan vlog! I’ll switch it up a bit for next week. But this past week I went back to my grandparents house because its so chill there!!

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26 Replies to “taiwan vlog | a week in the countryside 🌾”

  1. Eddy Yang

    I also get the headaches after naps…I suspect it’s from eating too many carbs and crashing OR from not drinking enough water before napping. Hahaha this uncles accent cracks me up.

  2. Eff3L

    Just got accepted for an exchange year in Taiwan! Now I am excitingly watch all the Taiwan videos on youtube haha
    Nice to see another kind of video besides all the typical travel and tourists vlogs 🙂

  3. alma di marco

    NO WAY, watching this video I was like “oh wow, all this seems so familiar” then i saw douliu, my grandparents also live near douliu. Currently i’m in italy, but i’m moving to taipei in a few months !! also, my grandad was a policeman, maybe they were colleagues lol

  4. Siyi Chen

    Yo Anni, 魚丸 is fish balls 🐟, it’s pronounced like yu when, lol😆
    BTW, meatballs ➡️ 肉丸, so basically 丸 means balls in Chinese

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