FERRARI VS MCLAREN 超跑的日常《EMC Vlog Vol. 29》

Sunny和Ryan的超跑日常!這次和我們聊聊Mclaren和Ferrari整體的感覺,不管是舒適度 內裝的差異 整體的表現等等,究竟超跑適不適合日常使用呢?今天Sunny跟Ryan不比速度(可能稍微比一下啦),就比誰的車比較適合每天通勤。

Sunny and Ryan’s supercar daily! This time, we’re reviewing the overall feel of the McLaren 570s and the Ferrari 488gtb.

Comforts and performance, differences in interiors, etc..
Are these supercars suitable for daily use?

We won’t be really racing these cars in this vlog (only a little) but sharing our thoughts on how these cars work on an everyday basis. We actually have a surprise guest…the COPS.

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