World Militaries CONFRONT China in South China Sea

China has tried to convince the world that most of the South China Sea belongs to it. It has built up islands in the sea in an attempt to convince the international community that its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) extends a lot farther than its coast. But other countries aren’t buying it, and several world powers are sending warships to the region to show China it’s being watched. In other news, China is under investigation at the Olympics after Chinese athletes wore pictures of the country’s superhero. And the government has called video games “opium for the mind,” which has sent shares of a major Chinese company tumbling. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week’s top China stories.

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47 Replies to “World Militaries CONFRONT China in South China Sea”

  1. Sam Chiu

    "Opium for the mind" is a reference to the opium wars; when Britain scammed China into giving it tea by selling illegal opium. It resulted in the opium wars, which eventually resulted in Hong Kong being given to Britain. It's not because they don't understand how opioids work. This is a really biased news source.

  2. Sarah Dawson

    Irrespective of how you present your news I'm still rooting for China.
    The top spot is there for the taken and China have earned it. No amount sanctions will work. As long as they keep producing engineers among their over billion population. They will WIN

  3. JDied1

    China Uncensored (Vietnamese: Trung Quốc không kiểm duyệt; Chinese: 中国解密; Korean: 차이나 언센서드) is a YouTube commentary channel that focuses on sensitive political issues in China with elements of humor and irony. Chris Chappell is the host of the series. The YouTube show is compiled into longer 30-minute episodes aired by New York-based New Tang Dynasty Television, which is affiliated with Falun Gong, a new religious movement persecuted in China. NTD adds Chinese subtitles. It is produced by America Uncovered LLC, a New York-based company owned by Chris Chappell and his co-hosts that also produces the YouTube show America Uncovered and the podcast China Unscripted.

  4. John Wayne Sitterley

    Millions of Chinese are running away like cowards to the West with possible Covid infections, which can be seen asymmetric biological warfare, and you see this as a net positive? Really? If you had a force of 1.5 million you could reclaim China in week. At least the Cubans are inspiring a some confidence to put our own sons and daughters lives on the line. Snap out of it.

  5. O no Man

    If a CCP sympathizer argues with you, just copy paste this and slap it to their face;

    动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

  6. deaftone311

    Curious, if a Taiwanese medalist whipped out his country's flag on the podium would that be considered a political statement and against the rules?

  7. Drew B

    Taiwan is a Country. Its close neighbour (emerging country status that is able to have a space program) that is in reality a backward province talking big and making empty threats. Just like your typical bully.

  8. Ordus Rosae

    Dude you’re such a moron, like most people.

    Here’s a note: The US is an authoritarian fake democracy whose leaders are ignorant, crooks and pathological liars.
    An interesting crew, anti personality disorder to the roof.

    However that’s not how it presents itself unless you actually look for yourself and realize they are.

    Same thing in China! They present themselves as otherwise where you present them how they really are.

    It’s the classical deception that parents have – my son is perfect, it is other people’s children who constitute all the problems in the world.

    It’s not. Either you are Chinese or American or whatever nationality, keep in mind that the real problems are in your country. Ignorance and bad government.

  9. Rob Miller

    Why does any nation deal with China anymore? Greed and money. China is evil. The CCP Is the cancer infecting the world. They already have released a global pandemic . They kill many with feyntanol, they bully smaller nations. They are an evil hive mind. They can’t create anything. They have to spy, steal and copy. None of them have the ability to create.

  10. Tank1

    Sick west attacking again… Great job satanic scum of the earth.. cant win by hard work and talent invade destroy and murder.. worked for thousands of years.. oooppps not this time tho..

  11. Udit Kumar

    It is very commendable that you did anti CCP coverage for 9 long year. However how many video you've made about India vs China and Tibet vs China, Tibet its govt in exile still operates from India. No matter how the Govts work but you are a youtuber and a very respected one but how muxh coverage you did about us?

  12. Thomas Vogel

    So they have a military joint operation for exercise in the region. This was widely pronounced for a long time. How is this news if it was commonly known for long before?…

  13. Brian Peterson

    The US will hand China a proper beating as soon as they start they're bull shit,just gotta get rid of Biden cause he's on they're payroll..when Trump returns just watch how they change they're tune

  14. That's Way

    When China accumulates military potential in its sea, then it is VIOLENTLY … and when America does the same in other people's seas and countries, then it is democracy! What hypocrites you are !!!

  15. Vladimir Lenin

    I like how there's still CCP wumao trying to spread propaganda here.
    This is like the most anti CCP place on YouTube.
    Why would expect anyone to listen to you

  16. Colin Andrew

    Everyone moans about china but is more than willing to buy cheap products from there if people care to be prepared to spend more money and manufacture products in your own country.

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