What can $10 get in Jakarta? – Trying Indonesian Streetfood (martabak,haircut…)

How much can 10$ get in Jakarta – Trying Indonesian Streetfood at PIK 2

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38 Replies to “What can $10 get in Jakarta? – Trying Indonesian Streetfood (martabak,haircut…)”

  1. Lee Hyun

    Personally for me it depends,but considering indonesia curse interestingly bellow india noney curse value…,So like above statement it's biase depends on "budget"…

  2. chandraws13

    every time I see people from other countries eating martabak they only eat alone or only with their girlfriends. even though martabak is food for the family where everyone can take and eat just a piece is enough to really enjoy and feel happiness. that's why martabak is made so sweet no one can finish a large amount of martabak. okay success always bro thanks for trying martabak in Indonesia 😀

  3. Angela Owens
  4. Wellsydonk Bebe

    Your haircut cost just less than two dollars right?? .. imagine how should you pay it in Amrik there?? Wowwnplus with slight masssage?? Super cheap for making cute right?…. Ok let s move here, breed here , make it full here with your kids …so I Will name it " Rainbow God LanD…no problem😁

  5. Muhammad Rivsky Vijaya

    Insyallah nanti hut kemerdekan indonesian ke76th merdeka nanti jangan pulang ke negara km dulu lihat upacara kemerdekan indonesian ke76th merdeka Akan datang 17 Agustus 2021 hut kemerdekan indonesian ke76th merdeka

  6. Gin's Hobby

    You can find Nature, Modern, Classic, Fancy in GBK Plataran there is an exotic Restaurant and Bar with some diffferent style in one place and the small forest city beside very nice too. Location just beside GBK Stadium Complex.

  7. bekas iblis

    North Jakarta like PIK or Kelapa gading : dominated by east or asian races like chinesse, korean, japanesse…
    South Jakarta like Kemang or menteng : dominated by western and middle east races like american, european, arabian….

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