Gravitas: The third wave in India "begins this month"

Has the third wave arrived in India? A model by IIT researchers says the third wave beings this month, as countries around the world are fighting a new surge in infections. WION’S Palki tells you, why we may need to learn how to live with the Wuhan virus.

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31 Replies to “Gravitas: The third wave in India "begins this month"”

  1. Black Wolf

    India surge again? my advice to all people in India get vaccinated like UK so your healthcare will not overwhelm even the cases rising.. we in Malaysia also doing the same thing and it reduce our hospitalisation but we not yet achieve the target

  2. Anca Radulescu

    Plz, plz, what's with BiontechPfizer vaccine for India.
    No more infos !?
    Nothing… and Pfizer is waiting since July for delivering the vaccine to India ?
    Plz,can you make an update what's the situation now?

  3. Doris Ang

    As Lips are flapping。。。。。
    Americans are very ready to carry a gun..yet, wearing a mask is rejected by so many.
    It is your choice.. free not to wear a mask, free to die as well. No vaccine in this world could stop this Virus.. really, it will take a lot more to quiet it down.
    Pride, arrogance, ignorance and blaming the whole world is NOT going to help any Americans! Only wisdom, and be humble in front of Scientific proofs, and cooperation among All Nations can reverse the huge tide of Covic 19's attack ! As long as this Pandemic is being played as a Political tools.. the earth might lose half its occupants!

  4. Bhavana Avasarala

    Time to focus on building immunity and learn to live along with the virus in the community.
    plant trees
    reduce the use of vehicles
    encourage walking and use of cycle
    building more fitness clubs and centers.

  5. Lynn Bennett

    What does this tell you? STOP vaccinating, stop masks, stop the lockdowns. Protect the elderly and frail and go about your day. These vaccines are causing the variants!

  6. Vivian Oosthuizen

    This is the highest vaccinated country and they have to lockdown now Israel threatens fresh lockdown as vaccine front-runner faces delta surge

    Israeli authorities have reintroduced their 'green pass' system to curb the spread of Covid as cases surge to their highest figure in months

  7. Andrew K

    The Obese Smokers Unfit Unhealthy Diabetics Hypertension and unfortunately old people. 2 more Low Vit D & Blood type A .
    4 Modifiable risk factors 1 Smoking 2 Healthy BMi 3 Excercise 4 Nutrition .
    Pfizer will post 15 billion pre tax profit this year. After receiving total 1 billion $$$ from German & American gov.
    A """FREE""" vaccine that DOESN'T stop u getting the disease NOR passing it on. 😜😜😜😜😜

  8. John

    Should be fair in your reporting and not bias towards the Chinese. In your report you said that the number of infection in US, Australia and China is increasing ( you missed out Israel – it has a very high vaccination rate among its population). So why is the number of infection increasing, … Indian variant aka delta variant? You briefly touched on the reasons of why the number of infection in US is increasing and on the other hand the reason why the number of cases is increasing in China is tied to it's ineffective vaccine??? Really
    WION, stop being a stooge,……… you can start by reporting NEWS.

  9. Quote Pico

    If the Who didn't step in and remove ivermectin and other treatments from India clinical guidelines-maybe the virus would've been under control by now and we wouldn't need to worry about future waves because we can treat it

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