Thailand Opening Breaks | Sandbox's or Restrictions | Let’s Talk Thailand #livelovethailand

Thailand Opening Break | Sandbox’s or Restrictions | Let’s Talk Thailand #livelovethailand
In today’s episode we are going to talk about, the operating sandboxes in Phuket & kho samui plus, and how things are there now, with the new restrictions, besides terminating all the domestic flights from Phuket, and what are the alternatives to leave the island now days.

Also we are going talk about the nightlife that starts at 9pm, yes at 9pm and how is it fun to enjoy it, I know your excited about this part, wait till we talk about it, and at the last part we are going to discuss our community post, where we asked “how Thailand can open without any strings attached” so lots of interesting topics, stay tuned till the end and enjoy.
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40 Replies to “Thailand Opening Breaks | Sandbox's or Restrictions | Let’s Talk Thailand #livelovethailand”

  1. Nick Sandrelli

    There will wish a cup of rice soon.Actually Governament not release visa for long stay, insurance is obligatory, if go there all shop,disco,all activity is closed.and actually is dangerous too because no money there, in Pukhet last week one lady killed.Who go there now will shot 3000,4000 or more us dollar.than go back home with mosquito in hands only.

  2. Peter Mykichuk

    Live in Canada and it took 1 and a half years to get virus under control. Anybody that lost there job received 2000. Monthly Canadian $$ for over a year. This virus has put Canada 400 billion $$$ in the hole. Many many business shut because of virus. Thailand needs vaccines to get out of this. As of today 50% have 2 shots and 79%have one shot and science is telling us in the fall get ready for another wave number 4. Thailand. Just not sure what is going to happen in the coming year. Wish u luck to get back to normal. You need vaccines

  3. Prashan W

    Have a question. Can those arriving in Phuket leave before 14 days? Say can a tourist come for 5 days and leave Phuket to go back to their home country?

  4. Helen S.

    vaccination of everyone coming in is as unreliable as taking the SYnovac -it would not be effective enough. Its banned in some countries and even Thai doctors are rebelling against accepting or advising taking it

  5. Watch Dog

    Stuff that, its finished along with other tourism, the Internet has ruined everything, no more secrets, no more low prices, cameras everywhere monitoring you with facial recognition, restrictions, angry people. NO THANKS.

  6. ted.s. ptak

    The government cannot keep playing this game
    They are destroying the economy even further deliberately
    Covid 19 is here forever time for world governments to wake up
    If you are fully vaccinated you should have no restrictions and using Astra Zeneca to vaccinate the population was a waste of money You need to keep getting boosters with Astra and they cannot force people get vaccinated if they don’t want to

  7. نص الليل

    Problem 😔 we miss thailand , and it's hard for backpacker's like me to travel now. We need to spend half of our budget and time just in quarantine that's crazy
    Thailand it's good now just for retired westerns or people who have business or wife's there 😣

  8. Darren Vincent

    To many restrictions and nothing hardly open, until this changes tourists will not come. Does Thailand understand the normal tourist who goes on holiday.

  9. ville ihamäki

    Thai people can get the vaccinated for 800 baht per injection… this amout of money will be a problem now. There is mass unemployment now. People just don't have money even for that.. they are strugling to even enough money for daily food… i hear that rich western countries have donated vaccines to thailand… why is there a fee for the vaccine ??? Then

  10. Dale Dennis

    What’s your opinion. I plan to fly from Manchester 🇬🇧 to Phuket on the 13th of August and quarantine for 15 days do u think it’s a good idea 💡

  11. Tom Bae

    In Some news site, Chiang mai and Pattaya will do the same in September, but If they still requires many documents, and Insurance , and Entry permissions. so on, It is not for the General Tourist . Some are using this sandbox programs to go back to Thailand , will stay there over 6 months or so. They are not tourists . . They don't want to understand the meaning "Tourist " . Tourist just want to travel freely and no restrictions. no nothing. They work in their countries, just for holidays. travel 1 to 2 weeks in a countries. Go back to work.

  12. CAN BEC

    When you wrote “radyboys” I assume that you meant “ladyboys”. What is your problem with them ? Your comment and “ummm haha” were disrespectful and uncalled for. I am not into ladyboys myself, but I can’t stand any kind of discrimination when I see it. It just shows ignorance 👎

  13. David Kiernan

    What a wonderful ride from phuket to Bangkok?????? Are you joking me? Does anyone want a 14 hour bus ride when there should be airport operating? 🙄🙄🙄😔😔😔🙁🙁

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