Expert warns China's Xi is set to invade Taiwan

Former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien lays out his plan combat China aggression on ‘Kudlow’ #FoxBusiness
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38 Replies to “Expert warns China's Xi is set to invade Taiwan”

  1. E X

    bro trump made the peace deal in 2020 feb and by June 2020 we had only 8600 troops and most non infantry. Taliban had control of 2/3 of afgansitan before the elections.

  2. Miguel Colon

    If China moves to invade Taiwan,and Russia moves into the middle East at the sometime to kick Israel out of the land. Read Psalm 83. I one cont believe the world is positioning to invade Israel. Once America is taken out of way the battle of Armageddon is knocking at the door. GOD BLESS us all Amen.

  3. Daniel Martinez

    Go on Xi, you should be buying your masses snorkels at this moment but please try it, PLEASE There is a reason all 3 Seawolf boats are deployed right now for the first time ever, in your back yard.

  4. shaheen Shaheen

    Taiwan….please be careful….learn from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq……Uncle Sam will create problems for you and then run away….😉

  5. Robert Sutherland

    If Biden makes any decisions they will be the wrong one's at 1st, then after disaster hits he'll change his tune to what he should have done in the 1st place. He is the master of flip flop decision making. Not a brain in his head or his parties. They have caused more chaos in the past approximately 2 years than an enemy of the state could. BLM, woke, CRT, defunding police, Afghanistan, multi-trillion dollar budgets, open borders…you name it…they've f…d it up.
    Now they want to be in perpetual power with the "people's act"…after they already had what was obviously an election without integrity.

  6. UIGN_ Peace

    If he does he is invading his own territory. Who said that Taiwan is a country.? Taiwan is a providence of mainland China and that is in ther Constitution.

  7. Prince1566

    Kamala is currently on an Asia trip to negotiate a surrender deal with Taiwan for China, after Afghanistan for the Taliban. Make cartels great again moto for March, Make Taliban great again moto for August, Make china great again moto for September.

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