Taiwanese XXL Fried Chicken Recipe | Allstar Fried Chicken! 鹹酥雞秘方

Huge piece of Taiwanese XXL Fried Chicken that everyone loves is actually pretty simple and you too can make it at home!

Full detail recipe here :

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28 Replies to “Taiwanese XXL Fried Chicken Recipe | Allstar Fried Chicken! 鹹酥雞秘方”

  1. Katherine Richardson

    I'm currently in lockdown in Melbourne Aus, and I was craving this fast food so much, so I made this and your recipe was perfect for me! Thank you 🙂

  2. Michael B

    1. The Marinade is to weak.
    2. The water added is NOT absorbed by the chicken, it just coats the large piece of chicken.
    3. Never cook a piece of meat larger than the pan.
    4. Fry chicken at an even thickness for the best results.

  3. Remaja 90an

    Bahan : Ayam fillet
    Bumbu marinasi : garam,gula,ketumbar bubuk,merica bubuk,jahe bubuk, Royco,dan air
    Tepung tapioka + tepung kentang di mix dg celupan kocokan telur
    Digoreng sampe matang
    Ditaburi bubuk paprika,garlic,dan salt
    Siap makan deh..oyi..oyii

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