Seungjae finally reunites with Uncle Liu Yihao in Taiwan!! [The Return of Superman/2018.07.08]

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▶The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.232
Showtime : Sun 18:00
Cast: Bong Taegyu, Lee Donggook, Sam Hammington, Ko Jiyong,

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43 Replies to “Seungjae finally reunites with Uncle Liu Yihao in Taiwan!! [The Return of Superman/2018.07.08]”

  1. Soledad Salting

    Seungjay & Uncle Liu really enjoyed their short bondings together,hope they will see each other again someday🤗😍 Luv 💖💖💖 Uuuuuu more Seungjay 😘😘😘

  2. BriarRose

    I came here as a Fan of Shen Hue, after watching them together in "Use for my talent" also after seeing how good friends they are. Now I'm leaving as a fan of uncle Liu. Jasper Liu is so kind, cute, great with kids.
    He is practically everything that every girl has been waiting for their entire life.

  3. Melany Blake

    I'm impressed at the Taiwanese people they see a famous star and he can relax he doesn't have to worry.

    My God, I pray that their country is safe from China. Unfortunately, the president we have in America would not be able to give help.

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