NEW TAIPEI | how to get around taiwan, night market food trip, travel vlog

new channel! don’t you miss getting lost in a new city, crowding in public transport, missing your train, queuing in a must-try restaurant, no masks no shields?? i also wished i filmed an actual talking travel video here, except it’s not, cause this video is 2 yrs old when talking to my camera in public was the most uncomfortable thing. i also made this a bit of a travel guide, hope you can find it useful!

*music in order, you’re welcome
moow – honey
hatom – no more
serentity – lofi hip hop beat
olivia herdt – strawberry kisses
tokyo music water – your little wings
hatom – no more
lukrembo – biscuit
moow – honey

9 Replies to “NEW TAIPEI | how to get around taiwan, night market food trip, travel vlog”

  1. Gal Biller

    This brings back so many memories from my trip to Taipei! I remember that night market! It's so fun walking around! Great vlog, can't wait to see more of your videos 🥰

  2. Fly Phoenix Fly

    Ahh night market is the place to be in Taiwan! So much good food and all the little trinkets. I got lost in that same market once haha. The Taipei Zoo is so affordable and amazing! So much nostalgia in this video! Just joined and can't wait for your channel to grow! 🙂

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