China is Ready to Seize Taiwan: US will not Help

China is ready to seize Taiwan: US will not help. China carried out assault drills near Taiwan, with warships and fighter jets exercising off the southwest and southeast of the island. The country’s armed forces said it was a response to external interference and provocations. Taiwan, which Beijing claims as Chinese territory, has complained of repeated Chinese Army drills in its vicinity in the past two years or so, part of a pressure campaign to force the island to accept China’s sovereignty.

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42 Replies to “China is Ready to Seize Taiwan: US will not Help”

  1. Sierra Nielson

    The question the US would have to ask is. Would China stop after taking Twain or would this just be the first of many territories taking by the CCP. The US learned in WWII that sitting back while a brutal dictator swallows up it's neighbors is a very bad idea.

    In 1991 Saddam Hussein felt the same way as the people that made this video. He was wrong. The US knew that if Saddam was allowed to keep Kuwait he would not stop there. Saudi Arab would be next. The Us could not allow Saudi Arab to fall to Iraq, So they removed Saddam from Kuwait. One the other hand there have been several military take overs that the US did not intervene.

    So does the US see the CCP as Saddam or Hitler? Does the US think China would be satisfied with Just Twain or is Twain just the first of many? I think the latest military movements answers my question. The Us is moving all available assets to the Pacific. They are also spending their huge military budget as the CCP as the main threat.

    Why does the US see President XI as the next Hitler? It is because of his own actions. The similarities between Xi and Hitler are scary. President Xi made himself dictator for life just like Hitler. The CCP have been threating their neighbors just like Germany did. President Xi has Demonized at whole race of people and put them in camps just like Hitler. President Xi has made statements about world dominance just like Hitler. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

    The maker of this video did not take into account of the most important factor and that is does the US see China as a world wide threat. The answer is yes with good reason.

  2. Ang Xiang

    US has other strategic military bases in SKorea n Japan near China coastline. Taiwan is only an option to have with minimal investment but big returns for sales military equipment n trade. But would it be enough to “bleed” US blood for another foreign soil. This trend of US self perseveration and abandonment of “said” allies is evidently displayed. Taiwan’s leaders r just pawns under US chessboard= read my lips~1 China recognition. So to say “Playing Soldiers”.

  3. Chan Hung Kee

    Taiwan is not being realistic. It should start negotiating with CHINA terms of unification instead of relying on US for protection. The earlier done…the better for all three parties.

  4. Hee Hong

    The only thing Taiwan should do for China CCP invasion is to make sure that the CCP invasion would pay the price. Korea could not prevent the invasion from China in the old times, however, Koreans fought so that the invading China or other forces paid thee price, eventually giving back the independence to Korean people.

  5. Sten Los

    That Chinese imagination America never protect Taiwan from China if China cross border to Taiwan territory Japan and quads joined operations against China

  6. Mandalorian

    About time U.S troops got pulled out of Afghanistan. Maybe the U.N can go to Afghanistan and save those people from the harsh and cruel laws the Taliban will bring upon those innocent woman and children 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Alex Six

    US have never went to Afghanistan to save the country and establish a democraty. They went there to blow up Al-Qaïda terrorist groups, that they did. Establishing a democraty in this part of the world is a non sense, it doesn't fit the local mentalities. Taliban is a political view, and fits most of the locals. They have the right to choose their way, inside their borders. At the contrary, the country of Taïwan is already a well establish democraty, showing to mainland chineses what could be their own lifes if CCP colaptse. Defending Taïwan against her neigbourg will be tuff, but US an Japan will stand strongs.

  8. Matthew_ Turkmen

    China is ready? How? Chinese logistics brake on 50 km supply lane, how do you think they could maintain supply chain all the way to Taiwan? Area is full of NATO ships from all over the world, all attempts would be very stupid. And China is huge, why would they want to attack one island and risk their trade with rest of the world, it makes no sense. China should be happy with current borders and rather focus on cultural development and good relations with other countries, not on some petty disputes. China have plenty to give to the rest of the world, expansionism is just not their way and any attempt is disgrace to notion what China could really be if they would give up their current pursuits which are neither honorable nor good for Chinese people.

  9. Roy Teo

    America is so obsessed with invading other countries that they think every other country is also obsessed with invading. If anything, China probably looks at the failed occupation of Afghanistan as a cautionary tale. Even the greatest military power cant force a determined people to submit

  10. Ragnar Hilden

    The US has ruined the world since they elected Woodrow Wilson, he was so anti-german and tried to find a reason for war. And now over 100yrs later we have problems like this. Forget US and China. Germany, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Japan can take on the Russians and Chinese!

  11. Jon Duong

    The US along with Great Britain, France & Russia (USSR) Voted and Expelled Taiwan out of the UN in 1971. Taiwan only" good enough" to purchase military equipments from the US. No countries in Asia, Europe,N America and Australia that recognized or have diplomatic relationship with Taiwan as a country since then!

  12. Tamas Somfai

    There is a huge difference between Afghanistan and Taiwan. Taiwan produces chips for American industry including the MIC. The American military equipment cannot work without these chips. From this point of view Taiwan did a strategic failure to allow TSMC to build factory in the US.

  13. Keith Richard

    I hope Taiwan doesn't get invaded and taken by China if so Taiwan lady president better skiddadle IX Jingpaing will have her and any part of Taiwan democratic party will be executed or jailed & tortured u have a big choice to make madam president stick with the United States or turn over Taiwan to China well after thinking u only have 2 choices fight or run the afghan president got the hell up so ain't no shame in leaving

  14. 李der灰

    American democracy is shit, the whole world is filled with American troops for control, a country controlled by a lying media, a troublemaker in the world

  15. Bujang Cik long

    Yang berhubungan bersekutu dengan Amerika serikat wajib membantu dan melindungi termasuk negara persatuan bersama sekutu atau kkkkkkk 😀🌊🔥👻👻🌀🌀🌀

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