Philippine Airlines PAL International Flight Schedule / Timetable for September 2021

Philippine Airlines Active Remaining Flights and Cancelled/Canceled Flights to/From Manila
Philippine Airlines Latest News / Philippines Travel Update
Latest Flight Schedule Philippines Airlines Flight Calendar / Timetable
PAL Flights Update
Travel Update Philippines Today

PAL Remaining Active Flights
PR5218 Manila to Auckland
PR5219 Auckland to Manila
PR730 Manila to Bangkok
PR731 Bangkok to Manila
PR221 Manila to Brisbane
PR222 Brisbane to Manila
PR5682 Manila to Dammam
PR5683 Dammam to Manila
PR684 Manila to Doha
PR685 Doha to Manila
PR658 Manila to Dubai
PR659 Dubai to Manila
PR426 Manila to Fukuoka
PR425 Fukuoka to Manila
PR110 Manila to Guam
PR111 Guam to Manila
PR300 Manila to Hong Kong
PR301 Hongkong to Manila
PR100 Manila to Honolulu
PR101 Honolulu to Manila
PR535 Manila to Jakarta
PR536 Jakarta to Manila
PR525 Manila to Kuala Lumpur
PR526 Kuala Lumpur to Manila
PR102 Manila to Los Angeles
PR103 Los Angeles to Manila
PR438 Manila to Nagoya
PR437 Nagoya to Manila
PR126 Manila to New York
PR5127 New York to Manila
PR412 Manila to Osaka
PR411 Osaka to Manila
PR5654 Manila to Riyadh
PR5655 Riyadh to Manila
PR104 Manila to San Francisco
PR105 San Francisco to Manila
PR468 Manila to Incheon
PR469 Incheon to Manila
PR507 Manila to Singapore
PR508 Singapore to Manila
PR5211 Manila to Sydney
PR5211 Sydney to Manila via MEL
PR890 Manila to Taipei
PR891 Taipei to Manila
PR422 Manila to Tokyo Haneda
PR421 Tokyo Haneda to Manila
PR428 Manila to Tokyo Narita
PR427 Tokyo Narita to Manila
PR118 Manila to Toronto
PR119 Toronto to Manila
PR116 Manila to Vancouver
PR5117 Vancouver to Manila
PR591 Manila to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
PR592 Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) to Manila
PR720 Manila to London Heathrow
PR721 London Heathrow to Manila

1. Travel Capacity in NAIA is at 2000 only combined total of all airlines.
2. Travelers with 14-day history to Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, ​Bangladesh​, UAE and Oman prior to arrival in the Philippines are banned until August 31, 2021.
3. Taiwan still on lockdown. Transit at Taoyuan Airport (TPE) banned until lockdown is lifted
4. Going back to Saudi Arabia: All unvaccinated visitors coming from countries not facing ban need to go into institutional quarantine upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia.
5. Saudi Arabia imposed ban on travellers coming from UAE. Filipino Transit passenger flights cancellations seen.

Remaining Active and Cancelled / Canceled Flights to and from the Philippines
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  1. Annie tahir

    abu dhabi po bah my flight din.. sana po mapansin yun chat ko kase 5 timer na po kase sabi ng amo ko walang flight palagi sabi sakin walang flight kansela daw

  2. Whena Hermogeno

    Wow thank you KABAYAN Sir tagal ko hinanap to search me goggle finally nakita ko rin sa vlog nyo salamat po… sept.2 PR5683..GOD BLESS PO 🙏

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    Kinansel nla nung aug 22 ayaw irebook paano n kmi kng ayaw irebook ngtratrabaho walang sahod tulungan u po kami sir dapat unahi. Nla mga kinansel ilan beses n kmi nakansel

  4. Carl Mateo

    Sir pa confirm nga po flight for september 2 kase nag bigay bago flight details ng kase yung una 5683 tas sa bago 5681 same time pa rn naman po pwede pa confirm?salamat po

  5. Madani Alshammari

    Thank you. Save the Philippines and the nations by vaccinations the whole Filipinos this will help in the economy blooming and back to normal in all aspects of life.

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