36 Replies to “Unmanned Convenience Store”

  1. Ирина Бутакова

    У неё такое лицо смешное. Почему она его вечно корчит? Видно же что она не маленькая, а тётка лет 35-ти

  2. Mike Wu

    This concept is useless in USA because criminals in USA don’t care how many times they get lock up because they expect democrats to release them back out on the streets just as fast as they caught. Also more people will lose their $15 jobs so there is only cons with this concept in USA.

  3. Jeffrey Andreas

    How terrible the future looks for so many under communism. I'd rather be dead then eat what she is eating. If this is what passes for quality of life you can have it!

  4. Ann Hutcheson

    Use your social credit score to make purchases! So EASY! What? You didn’t toe the Party Line? No credit for you! Starve, you uncontrollable peasant!

  5. HotCrazyCatLady Me

    I wouldn't want to give my debit card to some random store to keep in their system which could be hacked. Never mind that they could charge you even if you just picked something up to look at it. I think it's overkill anyway. Either have a vending machine, or a store clerk.

  6. skorpia g

    I wonder what happens if you have no money left🤪 do the doors lock,flashing lights go on and the voice of God saying "put it back with yo broke azz" come thru speakers?

  7. bun rice

    Interesting and boring at the same time…….
    not interesting for me though i like people around and interactions…
    Good store for introverts maybe

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