Traveling Taiwan on a Wheelchair? Ask me how 🤫

Yes, this was 2 years ago, sorry na. Tamad aq


Taiwan. On a wheelchair. The best mochi gurls. 15 degrees celsius everyday. Beef cubes. Bea de Leon. Def one for the booksxzhxx! 😌🪁

My friends and I actually booked the flight a few months back and my legs were still working then. Hehe.

BG music is one of the songs played by the street performer in Taipei 101 (first vid). Hehe I recorded it then for no reason, now there is. Hek please don’t sue me

(a more personal description is on my Facebook heh)


I’m too lazy to lay out our accurate itinerary but these are the places we went too:

Day 1

🌞 Explored Ximending – I highly recommend spending a day to go around this district since it has so much to offer (food, pasalubong, retail shops, and even street performances).

The following places were improvised. Hahaha although they can be booked through Klook but we decided to stroll around the streets of Taipei and trust me, it’s better than going around on a taxi + 15 degrees celcius 🥶

🏯 Presidential Office Building
(very cool esp the guards walking around)
🌳 2/28 Peace Park/National Taiwan Museum
(chill lang kahit 15 degrees celsius sa katanghalian)
⛩ Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
(day time for the change of guards, night time if you want to see the temple lighted biyootifoly)
🌚 Ximending Night Market
(small and narrow but STINKY TOFU FTW!!!)


🌸 Houli Flower Farm
(Yes, Meteor Garden)
🥢 Random Taichung Teppanyaki Resto
(our Taiwanese tour guide’s reco)
🍦 Miyahara Ice Cream
(yummy pero yummy din dapat wallet mo)
🌈 Rainbow Village
(cute and has a very uwu history)
🌳 Green Fantasy Forest
(also cute but nope)
🌚 Shilin Night Market
(for shopping and FRIED MILK)

Day 3

💦 Shifen Waterfall
(my legs said nope and I saw BDL pero I was alone and on a wheelchair sadnu)
🛤 Shifen Old Street
(fun fun fun activity + Yakult slushies)
👻 Jiufen Old Street
(my wheelchair said nope too but DAMN THAT FIRST BEEF NOODLE SHOP IDK NAME IS SO GOOD)
🥇 Golden Waterfall
(roadside but noice mountain view)
🌊 Yehliu Geopark
(almost died here)

Day 4

🐟 Addiction Aquatic Development
(really r e a l l y REALLY good food)
🗼 Taipei 101
(spent our remaining hours watching random man playing the guitar, yes in this video, and yes the music in this Taiwan video is from his live performance 🥰)
*was recording it illegal???
**looked him up but couldn’t find him
🚆 Taiwan Main Station
(h u g e a s f u c k, must try the big strawberry mochi)

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