Palau-Taiwan travel bubble is data and research-based, president says

Palau President Surangel Whipps Jr. says the decision to pursue the Taiwan-Palau travel bubble was based on data and research as well as long-term dialogue between the two nations.

Whipps Jr. spoke at the UOG Center for Island Sustainability’s conference Friday morning

The travel bubble between Palau and Taiwan officially opened with the arrival of more than 100 Taiwanese tourists on April 1.

The travel bubble or as Palau describes it — the “Palau-Taiwan sterile corridor” — instituted processes and infrastructure that would safely transport tourists between the two COVID-safe nations.

The process involves requiring PCR tests and clearance for Taiwanese tourists about to board a flight to Palau.

According to the Palau President, the idea to finally open the corridor was based on data and extensive preparations from both nations — a confidence-building process that included a visit from Taiwanese officials to check the island’s health infrastructure back in January.

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