Foreigners in Taiwan can do Uber Eats Delivery | 外國人在台灣是一個Uber Eats外送員 | Interview with Shaggy

Shaggy is an American who lives in Taichung, Taiwan. He is a full time English teacher/Uber eats delivery driver. In this episode I sit down with Shaggy and ask him some questions about his second job.

Shaggy 是一個住在台灣台中的美國人。他是全職英語老師/Uber Eats外送員。在這一集裡,我和Shaggy坐下來,問了他一些關於他第二份工作的問題。

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My name is Lewis, my Chinese name is 路易斯. I am a British expat who currently lives in Taichung Taiwan. I lived in China for 7 years but decided that Taiwan was the better choice for me. I have been in Taiwan for a short time but have fell in love with this amazing country. Please check out my videos and join my on my journey in the wonderful country of Taiwan!

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我叫Lewis 我的中文名是路易斯。我是英國人,目前居住在台灣台中。我在中國生活了差不多7年,但我認為台灣是一個更好的生活選擇。我在台灣待了一段時間,但已經愛上了這個神奇的國家。請看看我的影片,並加入我的旅程在美麗的國家台灣!



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34 Replies to “Foreigners in Taiwan can do Uber Eats Delivery | 外國人在台灣是一個Uber Eats外送員 | Interview with Shaggy”

  1. gle goo


  2. Lilin Lin


  3. TheAverageJoe

    Lewis, loved this video. You did a great job interviewing, and shaggy has an interesting story to tell. Maybe I wanted to see more delivery footage, but that's ok. More of this!

  4. Pauline Huang

    It's not because Shaggy is a foreigner that people get mad. It's because we expect a direct delivery from the restaurant without delay. Usually the system gives us an initial waiting time, and only later informs us of a delay in time with multiple deliveries without getting our agreement. It's quite annoying for many customers.

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