Taiwan's tourism industry affected by China's ban on individual travel permits

Taiwan’s tourism industry is feeling the pinch after China banned individual travellers to the island in August. China is the biggest source of visitors to the island. Attractions, hotels and even tour bus operators are all struggling with falling sales.

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31 Replies to “Taiwan's tourism industry affected by China's ban on individual travel permits”

  1. Flynn

    I love you Taiwan but your government is kind of to blame. You provoked China with the US weapons deal and supporting HK. I’m not saying who is right but didn’t you kind of figure they would retaliate? And now your complaining not enough Chinese tourists?

  2. Dao.Y

    the thing is China also one of the most visited country in the world , I'm prettr sure if the communist party push China to be a super clean country ,push Chinese to be duper well behaved ppl , nobody would ever wants to visit other country in Asia .

  3. Average Joe

    Wow! I never expected that the point of view of CNA is so closed to the KMT of Taiwan! Probably got too much pressure from the Chinese Communist Party? Yes, the number of Chinese tourists dropped but the numbers of south-easten Asian and European tourists increased. The year end data for the total tourists number still growth annually.

  4. Gentle man

    If TW play their card wrong, they will loose 1.6 billion consumers and much more. Oh I forgot they have big brother (US) who will save them, bail out their economy in the end, right? 😂😂😂

  5. RJR

    not really Singapore..you guys probably talk to the chinese communist sympathizer and ethnic chinese business in Taiwan who want this false piece of propaganda to be in the news..the fact is that the overall foreign visitor numbers increased after the communist ban..foreign visitor find its refreshing they no longer have to deal with large number of rude chinese tourists

  6. bee lotus

    Politicians are servants to the country and people. It's the people's needs not politicians needs. Being not grateful and respectful to the Motherland how long can you survive? Where are the moral values taught by the Chinese Ancestors?
    Respect Yourself then Respect Others.
    Respect Your Own Country then Respect Others.

  7. 漢仔

    Professor Cheng ping hit the nail on the head about human nature when he said when the under privileged gets help from the government, they will thank the government as if they were God. But when the people have a high std of living, people would not feel thankful to the government who help them. They think the privileges should be given.

  8. True North Strong and Free

    Can we ban Chinese tourists from coming to Canada? That would be nice wouldn’t it! No rude, ignorant, obnoxious, loud tourists! We welcome the peace!

  9. PRCseparatedChina Taiwan

    So sad CNA news bought by China. Taiwan's tourism is not affected by China. We have more other tourist from other countries who come spend but not polluted and spoil Taiwan's environment. Better quality tourism than those Chinese.

  10. Kaven Borbon

    Group tours are not affected. At least free independent travelers from the Chinese mainland have better options on where to travel. More of them prefer Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, UAE, Russia and Eastern Europe

  11. X Y Z

    I visited Taiwan every April/May. This year, I had a chat with a local guide and we talked about China. He said: "When Mainlanders come, Taiwan girls have hard time walking."
    1:00 You want to attract tourists? Simple, keep HK burning. That will send HK bound tourists to your island instead!

  12. 爸爸

    I really don't understand why Taiwanese and Hong Kong people hate China so much. China puts hundreds of millions of dollars a year to help their economy, but they still want to fight against the government.

  13. Victor Chew

    President Tsai will ask trump to bring in American tourists, instead trump brought into Taiwan WMD worth 2 billion and few battalions to man the WMD. Look at Hong Kong, the US have helped the hkees with a human rights bill instead of the US dollar bills. Taiwanese, Don't be gullible, hkners have burnt the bridge to
    China, while the bridge to the US and Britain is shuttered.

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