10 Popular street foods in Garden Night Market 2021 – Taiwanese street food

10 popular street food you must to eat in Garden Night Market!
Garden Night Market collection 2021

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✨Delicious street food in this Video✨
00:00 Garden Night Market / 花園夜市

00:08 Fresh corn cup / 玉米杯杯

02:36 Korean style egg pancakes / 小米超人氣韓國雞蛋糕

06:36 Clam stew / 乾燒白玉文蛤

08:03 Taiwanese braised dishes / 二師兄滷味

12:02 Korean hotteok / 韓國收藏糖餅

15:12 Swordfish tempura / 傑・旗魚黑輪

17:24 Milk mochi / 鮮奶麻糬

18:36 Fried scallion pancake / 勁吧香酥蔥油餅

22:44 Sweet potato balls / 台北口味地瓜球

25:35 Fried oyster omelette / 阿三哥蚵仔煎

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22 Replies to “10 Popular street foods in Garden Night Market 2021 – Taiwanese street food”

  1. 율율

    13분대 호떡은 요즘 기름에 뜸뿍 베어서 맛없어 기름지고 기름없이 굽는게 진짜 호떡이지 저건 기름듬뿍 호떡은 아냐아냐

  2. Kevin Dysart

    I lived a year in Taipei, Taiwan when I was 11, wish I had gotten to one of the street food scenes. We used to go down to Shimading(?) The local food scene then. My the Peking Duck we used to eat, my mouth waters now just thinking about it. Would love to go back now I'm older (61).

  3. MrChaos2peace

    11:36 – looks like a horror hand coming to get ya!..Nope. But out of respect to the world, If I am ever in Taiwan, I would just say no thanks and eat the other stuffs.

  4. 홍석표

    한국호떡 파는 냥반은 영.. 실력이 개판이네.. 좀더 연습을 하시고 필지.. 저게 뭐여.. 시커멓게 튀겨서.. 뭔맛으로 먹냐…..ㅉㅉㅉ

  5. Bruce Wayne

    Egg Pancakes and Swordfish tempura look delicious! The blood rice cake is a little scary but I would definitely try it and everything else on this market too. Thanks for sharing!

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