Tensions escalate between China and Taiwan

Tensions are escalating between Taiwan and China as Beijing intensifies military aggression against the island. CBS News Asia correspondent Ramy Inocencio joins CBSN AM with more.

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32 Replies to “Tensions escalate between China and Taiwan”

  1. Richard Beliveau

    This is all about nuclear submarines in Taiwan… Who control Taiwan control the world. Detection of nuclear subs beyond Taiwan is impossible… So a nuclear sub can go up to California without being detected.

  2. wind Cold

    On October 10th, Taiwan’s Double Ten National Day celebrated the 1911 Revolution in Wuhan, China, which proved that Taiwan is indeed Chinese territory.

  3. Ricky Powers

    Joe continues to work for China. He gave Afghanistan to China. They now control Bagram air base. Afghanistan has one of the largest supplies of lithium. Joe is doing away with fossil fuels and converting our automobiles to electric. We will be at the mercy of China because they control the lithium batteries. Joe's a complete m0r0n

  4. Christopher Ross

    Notice no one is talking about Japan.
    Taiwan might not be able to defend against China, but China is going to have to fight a lot more than just Taiwan.


    If China decided to go to war with Taiwan I wonder if putin will back China. But if this war goes off its going to be a bloody one. It's not going to be easy for China to subdue a well armed country with just over 20 million people. Plus the Chinese navy would have to win a war in the south China sea. Trade in that area would come to a crashing stop

  6. Tom Fuller

    This is squarely because they smell blood, in the wake of Biden's abandonment of Afghanistan. The liberal media's complicity in slandering Trump relentlessly contributes, too. I just hope Biden doesn't bumble us into a World War, and lose.

  7. 谈谈正事TV

    Welcome to Taiwan臺灣 🇹🇼 to everyone of you around the world 🌎 ❤️💗🧡 #Taiwan is an independent country
    #Taipei is our capital city, #Taichung is the second largest city in Taiwan, #Kaohsiung is the the third largest city in Taiwan, and bubble tea 🧋 was invented in Taichung city, by the way, Taiwan is a best country to learn Chinese.❤️

  8. Non-Standard Proletarian

    CBS doing the work of the MIC once again. Taiwan is not a separate country. Even the US doesn't officially recognize it as such. Quit pushing for war.

  9. Vegeta SSB2

    What is China's problem? First Tibet, then South China Sea, then COVID, now Taiwan. Taiwan has been de jure independent for 70+ years. They left for a good reason. That train has left the station a long time ago.

  10. Teriyaki Flavored Tide Pods

    The fact that people think Taiwan is even a country, is laughable! Everyone on this page lost 9000 social credit points! Zhong Xina is not pleased with you.

  11. Someone New

    We must defend Taiwan. Chinas ways of authoritarianism and unfair trade and stealing intellectual property is a result of us being weak. We must be strong in this moment Biden must stand.

  12. Sardarboota Singh

    This is fake news. Mr. Trump castrated the brutal Communist China. Now the new game has begun. China a Paper-Tiger can never take Taiwan in next 50 years. They lack an advanced military though they get much help from their Israeli friends. Even recently Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard was arrested for giving sensitive data to Chinese. Israel only gets some of the advanced technology from the USA thus China is getting relatively old military technology from Israel.

  13. Patrick Smith

    Taiwan is being forced against its will to acquiesce to China's will. Reminds me of the relationship between the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain in the early 1900s

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