MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly and Rice (Lu Rou Fan 滷肉饭)- The Tipsy Cookery

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One of the MOST popular dish is Taiwan is the Braised Pork Belly and Rice aka Lu Rou Fan 滷肉饭. Sweet, sticky and MELT IN YOUR MOUTH, you’ll LOVE this recipe! Although you need to braise the pork belly for around 1 hour, this recipe is actually quite simple!

I used pork belly in this recipe but if you don’t want to eat too fatty meats, you can completely eliminate the pork belly and substitute with all ground pork!

Try this out yourself!

– 1.25 lbs Pork Belly
– 0.5 lbs Ground Pork
– 4 Garlic Cloves Sliced
– 3-5 slices Ginger
– 4 Star Anise
– 1 Cinnamon Stick
– 4 Shitake Mushroom
– 1 tbs Canola Oil
– 1/4 cup Light Soy Sauce
– 1/4 cup Shaoxing Wine
– 1 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
– 1/4 cup Brown Sugar
– 1 litre Water
– 4-5 Hard Boiled Eggs

Beer in the Video:
Red Truck Beer Company
Hard Day Northwest IPA
6.3% ABV

This IPA was quite strong and has a heavy hop flavour. It delivers well-balanced flavours and BOLD happiness! A really great beer to drink on the patio on a nice sunny Summer day!

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15 Replies to “MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly and Rice (Lu Rou Fan 滷肉饭)- The Tipsy Cookery”

  1. Pink-chica Tan

    U missed out fried shallots in your written recipe 😅. Lucky I watched the vid. I wanted to cook this, I like your recipe with star anise & cinnamon as some recipes don't have or they put 5 spice powder in. I like when recipe it's written down in the box below as I sometimes I won't watch full vid when it's too long. I just need to know what ingriendients are used…roughly will know how to cook it. I shall try your recipe. Thank you very much for sharing ❤️


    i suggest not to add the eggs so early. it becomes rubbery. i suggest adding it only the last few mins for the coloring. or just hardboiled eggs as it is.

  3. jlnyxx y

    I tried this recipe today and it turned out great! Taste just like the ones we get at Taiwan. I don't like my dish too sweet so I reduced the sugar by half and it turned out just right. Thanks for this recipe!! Definitely will be a repeated dish.

  4. dalediese

    Happy that I've stumbled across your videos today. Really nice format and solid recipes, good stuff! I am convinced you have used cornstarch in here though. I've eaten lu rou fan all over Taiwan (+ elsewhere) and made it countless times but I've never had a texture that resembles this. I've used many different ingredients and methods as I've tweaked my recipe over the years. This looks like mapo tofu which gets its texture from cornstarch slurry. Just sayin'

  5. Anna I.

    Glad that I was able to stumble on your vid. There's this 7-Eleven in Yen Chi Street in Taipei and beside is a small stall for 滷肉飯 和米糕 and it is sooo good. Looking forward in cooking this recipe of yours. Stay safe 😊.

  6. Sheng W.

    I can't seem to get the thicker sauce texture seen at 2:53. I cover and braise for 1-1.5 hours at low heat but it's still relatively watery, even though I added only 700mL water. I've also tried high heat and 1L water, and it's the same. I cheated it by adding some flour, but any suggestions?

    Thanks. Great recipe, by the way! Home away from home.

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