s&j《TRAVEL》what else to do in TAiWAN: HOST shabu shabu, FREE beef noodles, DinTaiFeng dumplings

this is how our taiwan trip ends,
eat, eat, and eat…
taiwanese DinTaiFeng was very nice,
Host was pretty cool,
who can say no to FREE noodles😂

this is not sponsored


Host Shabu


誠品 bookstore


filmed with Olympus EM5ii, lens 12-40mm M.Zuiko Pro

Audio-Technica microphone AT9946CM

26 Replies to “s&j《TRAVEL》what else to do in TAiWAN: HOST shabu shabu, FREE beef noodles, DinTaiFeng dumplings”

  1. h2karen

    Love your videos guys, keep it up! Just a thought about the two videos for different languages. I think your videos flowed better when you had one bilingual video and it was more funny that way. The translations into Chinese make it sound a bit odd 😛

  2. Raymond Ng

    So how would you rate Din Tai Feng in Taipei out of ten? My rating out of ten from a few Din Tai Feng around the world, Taipei 10, Singapore 8, Hong Kong 7 and Melbourne 6.

  3. Vivian c

    I love how frugal you guys are! (Honestly in a good way – hope it doesn't sound offensive) I would have been the same, if I knew there was food to be had at the lounge, I wouldn't have paid for a meal outside…can't pass up on free food!!! Thanks for showing us what the lounge looks like! Never been in one but hopefully will one day lol

  4. Mzhippo

    I love ding tai Fung and will try it wherever there's one, Sydney, shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan. Taiwan still the best, both of the branches that I tried with Such great customer service… thumbs up… love ur vlogs.. keep it up

  5. Daniel in the Antipodes

    I LOVE tbe egg custard buns. Also the ones in pastry cases. I cannot use chopsticks. Not even for sticky dishes let alone noodles! Going to Asian restaurants here I am shameless about asking for a fork but in Asia it is embarrassing! !!

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