Gravitas: What are American soldiers doing in Taiwan?

For at least one year now, a small group of American soldiers have been stationed in Taiwan. What’s their mission? Palki Sharma brings you a report.

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45 Replies to “Gravitas: What are American soldiers doing in Taiwan?”

  1. Aloha

    Taiwan is belong to China. Chinese people, Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese history. The warmongers in DC needs to find a new place to start their next war.. Sad!..

  2. Ton Dan

    Vietnam ready and wait, if China attack Taiwan Taiwan ready for war with China communist will destroy soon,Vietnam attack China take back all islands in Vietnam sea,not China sea

  3. Seth Rudfelt

    As an american…I hope our president has at least one sane moment during this shit show and pulls through for Taiwan…we must stand for democracy and human rights everywhere we can…

  4. Jesse Estes

    The us and uk war fleets has china more concerned. The defense systeem is too good china will not risk embarrassing move to invade Taiwan and fail.

  5. Simon Edge

    So the Chinese Intelligence services are reading mainstream media to get their Intel now?
    (I have a feeling the Chinese may have known there were US troops stationed in Taiwan for a year…)
    Also no mention of why Taiwan is such a 'Hot Ticket' for the West – Chips (and we're not Doritos here). 80% of the chips used in the West come from Taiwan. Taiwan cannot be allowed to fall.

  6. Kyeol Williams

    Recognizing "One China policy" could be the demize of every democratic nation. I hope the democratic nations are starting to wake up to relize the CCP have much bigger plans for world domination than just Taiwan.

  7. Mystery Cambodia

    For China to take Taiwan first they need too disable the early warning ,American and Australian satellite and missile tracking system at Pine Gap in Australia, this system tracks all missiles fired in the South Pacific,
    America or any other country won't risk a nuclear war, just to save Taiwan, America and the world leaders will talk tough but no action,
    After Taiwan will be Australia and New Zealand, then the antarctic and it's huge sea full of marine life,
    Don't know about Pine Gap the American/Australian missile tracking station in Australia, do your research,

  8. Beatrix Azur Lane

    If we don’t protect Taiwan, the rest of Asia including India will fall to the CCP’s goals of conquest. Japan began its Pacific conquest by taking over Manchuria during WW2. Taiwan is Asia’s “Manchuria” .

  9. alfajuj

    China has not "invaded Taiwanese airspace". They have violated the Taiwanese "air defense identification zone" Such zones are unilaterally declared by the country and are not recognized by international law… It makes a difference what words you choose.

  10. weird 👀 wild and wonderful 😜

    Napoleon Bonaparte said when China awakes the would will tremble 🤪
    👀 Hope with laughter 😂 Albert Einstein said the next world war will 🐝 fourght with sticks and stones 🙂

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