Mapping Taiwan's History

Taiwan’s History, from the earliest records to modern times.

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0:00 Mapped Intro
2:18 Switching Hands
5:35 Taiwan under Colonial Japan
9:36 Taiwan as part of the Republic of China
12:45 2-2-8
16:11 Taiwan as *the* Republic of China
20:33 A status quo emerges
24:16 Democratization
26:53 Is Taiwan part of China?

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30 Replies to “Mapping Taiwan's History”

  1. march79 guts

    very impressive and educational, you were able to enlighten many of us as to how did chinese started to claim that taiwan is part of china. chinese government is all but greed and dumb.

  2. by xinnie the pooh tegrity farms

    Still looks like CCP run China has no rights to claim Taiwan as it was the nationalist government of the time that owned Taiwan and never the CCP.

  3. leqiaop1

    Dutch East India Company came to Taiwan in 1630. Before 1630, all Chinese administrative records are simply ignored in this video ? Keep mind with common sense, from Netherland to Taiwan, there is in distance by vessel far more than 10000 km.

  4. ospuddy

    Manchurians annexed China (Ming Dynasty), Mongolia, Tibet, East Turkestan (Xinjiang), Formosa (Taiwan) into the Manchurian Empire (Qing Dynasty). The individual territories should revert back to the people on those territories after the fall of the Manchurian Empire (Qing Dynasty). The ROC and the PRC have no claim to Mongolia, Tibet, East Turkestan, and Formosa as the Manchurians were the rulers of the Qing Dynasty not the Chinese.

  5. Cloud Cai

    Taiwan is part of China , indeed . the China civil war is not end yet . please dont ask me if US belongs to Britain , its really a stupid question , they got treaty 1783 and ended war

  6. Charles Chen

    There must have independent judge court ; such as United nation, to have Taiwan and Mainland Chinese to argue and settle this issue. Taiwan and Mainland China is complete separate entity.

  7. Ed Rowlands

    Taiwan has always been a part of China, its only when the Nationalists were defeated on the main land that they fled to Taiwan and set up a seperate administration. Taiwanese are ethnically Chinese.

  8. long xue

    I saw you made Abraham Lincoln video. so you should know China will do the same he did for United states. For culture difference, very minor, just one generation, it will be like Japan did

  9. Shawn Hennity

    After watching the video, I am now clear that the Taiwanese don't have an answer to your last question no matter what history was. It is up to the US and China.

  10. Ola Toftegaard Hox

    Brilliant expose. Should be part of history taught to children and politicians. One might say Japan has a better claim to Taiwan than CCP and possibly also the Dutch!

    It is patently obvious to any thinking person that in 2021 the will of the people should prevail (but then again look what happened in Spain…).

    It is high time the US and EU offered Taiwan to recognize it (and only it) as an independent country. If for no other reason than to protect them from claims from the Dutch!

  11. Vini SThrill

    Well the question is already answered by the fact that the civil war continues and both sides are claiming to be the main government of China, as long as you have that then it's one China.

  12. 譚智


  13. Chin Heat

    I am going to really dumb down the current situation: 2 governments claiming to be “China”: one in Mainland China and one in the island of Taiwan. Both parties are still at war for China as a whole. A overwhelming majority of Chinese are in Mainland China. It is understandable to me why China Mainland is still after Taiwan. Reunification is a matter of national pride regardless which side you are on.

  14. Petronilo Buan

    Yah no doubt historically Taiwan is part of China but not the Taiwanese people who opted for their independence and Sovereignty from the mainland k!

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