Taiwan's PERFECT Xiaolongbao at Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 | EXQUISITE Taiwanese Dumplings at Taipei 101

Taiwan Xiaolongbao | Din Tai Fung | Taiwanese Dumplings

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Today we had our last dinner in Taiwan for a few months before we head out traveling! Din Tai Fung has some of the BEST xiaolongbao in the world! Taiwanese dumplings made to PERFECTION!


This is the second channel for Chopstick Travel and Luke Martin! We will be showcasing uncut and RAW footage of Street Food around the world and Travel snippets from our world adventures! We love to eat and travel and believe its the best way to discover a culture! We want you to travel for food too!

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42 Replies to “Taiwan's PERFECT Xiaolongbao at Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 | EXQUISITE Taiwanese Dumplings at Taipei 101”

  1. Anne Corey

    Beautiful country very big country love it very fresh healthy foods friendly place lots of seafoods healthy fresh fruits and beautiful foods thanks

  2. Yirou Luo

    As a Chinese living in USA, I am grateful that we have a Din Tai Fung nearby so that I could enjoy some Chinese food in my spare time. However, I have to say, if you want to have the best Xiaolongbao, you cannot miss Shanghai and Southern Jiangsu (e.g. Yangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, etc.)! Din Tai Fung was originally founded by immigrants from mainland after the Chinese civil war so their Xiaolongbao is just not very authentic. In Shanghai and other cities nearby, you could easily find tasty Xiaolongbao on streets and alleys, and their prices are much better than Din Tai Fung.

  3. qwertyismymom

    Best part of your channel is the lack of gimmicky overacting every other food/travel youtubers do. Just to the fact, good footage, good quality, no fluff.

  4. Benetta Rountree

    Do you have to learn the language? How hard is that? Do they pretty well speak or understand english? How do you know where to go and how do you get all of your info? 🙂 <# I love watching yall and am in awe of how well yall have all this going for you. Well planned. Well executed!

  5. C Smiggee

    I went there twice during my visit. Love it. Also there is a restaurant in Ximending area that specialize in roasted goose that's worth a try. Sorry I can't recall the name but its famous for it.

  6. Anna Nguyen

    Love this place. The ones in Taiwan have amazing service. The waiters there are so friendly and treat you like a high roller. The Taiwanese are such friendly people.

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