China criticises Biden over US defence of Taiwan

China has criticised US President Joe Biden after he pledged to defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion.

Mr Biden made the comments during a televised Town Hall event where he was asked how he would respond as tensions between the Beijing and the island nation continue to escalate.

During a briefing, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson asserted that Taiwan is under China’s control and there would be “no compromise on the issue”.

The White House has clarified the remarks, telling reporters they don’t signify a change in policy.

45 Replies to “China criticises Biden over US defence of Taiwan”

  1. Randys FiftySevenChevy

    Australia , your PM has been compromised. Our democratic loonies created covid to destroy the free world.. continue to push back we are ramping it up here. F**K JOE BIDEN.

  2. John Woodman

    Do you really think Biden is in control? Every single part of the United States Government is working on countering the CCPs toxic threatening and bullying demeanour. All the resources of the military/industrial complex are working against the CCP and they unlike China have unlimited talent at innovating and devoloping the weapons they need to defeat the ridiculous creaking industry that can only copy others stolen work not develop from scratch. You will fail and fail miserably China. Evict the pretenders and live free from their toxic control.

  3. Jasen Wright

    Taiwanese want their own Identity! They don't want to suffocate in Socialism! Joe Potato is wrong when he says USA the most powerful—sadly they have lost that edge!

  4. Jag Singh

    Taiwan is a part of China because China has 2 parts due to civil war, Taiwan of China and mainland of China. Currently both 2 parts have their own administrations but UN and almost all countries admit mainland China as the country China. Sooner or later both parts will be united because separation caused by civil war should not last long. God bless their early unity.

  5. Jag Singh

    We call out 1, an INDEPENDENT investigation into Australian war crimes in Afghanistan; 2, an INDEPENDENT investigation into why top Australian government and military officials murdered the Australian soldiers who did the massacre in Afghanistan; 3, setting up of an international court to punish Australian war criminals; 4, UN to sanction Australian trade, culture communication and so on with other countries.

  6. save the bees plant herbs

    I'm in the uk i dont trust Biden if Taiwan gets attacked the free world must help her its not up for negotiation its called fend off authoritarian ideology we did that in 1940 we will do it again

  7. Maria T Alvarez

    Mr Biden taking his stand on the issue of China taking back his renegade democratic province of Taiwan! This is the reality vs our personal dreams!
    " Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it's Jehovah's purpose that prevails! True. 🌎❤😱

  8. RidemFast

    Biden let a third world country kick his arse and he even took orders from terrorists and let them control the situation leaving hundreds of US Citizens behind. China knows Taiwan is theirs.

  9. sw gate

    It's all clear – US said YES – "we will be in for the fight".
    China will attack US bases in S.Korea Japan Australia Guam etc. before moving to occupy Taiwan.
    That's pre-emptive strike.

  10. Geoffrey Tang

    China don't need to fire a shot on the US and go to war are China need to do if ask America rebuy all the money the US own them. And one US fall in the dollars and it so call 5 eyes and G7 come down with it leader.

  11. ed

    The CCP are the only ones who think Taiwan is under China's control. Xi Jinping continues to have visions of grandeur. I'm sure he'd like to be the One World leader.

  12. william jonathan

    Good start by Old Joe. He got US out of the shithole Afghanistan. Formed AUKUS including nuke tech sharing. Others only talked about it. Now declare a two state policy on China and send visible milltary equipment to Taiwan.

  13. Leroy Jordan

    Biden uses taxpayers money to build a fence around his vacation home in Delaware. Biden stopped building the fence at the southern border that would help protect American citizens. Hypocrisy at its best.

  14. fefsf

    What America on this video actually agrees and wants to protect Taiwan. I'm just wondering does an actual usa citizen agree with protecting Taiwan and why??
    I'm against protecting…unless we get paid for it

  15. New Obs

    Trop malade mental Biden ne sait pas ce qu'il dit sur la Défense de Taiwan. Ses propos ne sont pas confirmés par le chef du Pentagone ! Biden n'a pas tiré les leçons de la défaite militaire de l'armée américaine en Corée en 1953 ! Biden n'a pas tiré, non plus, les leçons de la défaite militaire de l'armée américaine au Vietnam en 1975 ! Face à l'Armée de Libération Biden risque une nouvelle défaite militaire encore plus retentissante.

    Too mentally ill Biden doesn't know what he's saying about Taiwan's defense. His words are not confirmed by the head of the Pentagon! Biden did not learn the lessons of the military defeat of the US Army in Korea in 1953! Nor did Biden learn the lessons of the military defeat of the US Army in Vietnam in 1975! In the face of the Liberation Army, Biden risks another even more resounding military defeat.

    太精神病了,拜登不知道他在说什么台湾的国防。他的话没有得到五角大楼负责人的证实 ! 拜登没有吸取1953年美军在韩国军事战败的教训!拜登也没有从1975年美军在越南战败中吸取教训!面对解放军,拜登冒着再次遭遇军事失败的风险。

  16. Deplorable Gear

    We've had Aurora for many years. Same as the Blackbird. Developed in the 50's and not known til the 70's. Bring it!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  17. Michael Lee

    We have the most powerful military in the world. BUT lost the war to third world countries in Vietnam and Afghanistan. What a big joke the US want to take on China. Nobody on earth dare to take on China! That's suicide.

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