Americans Learn to Surf in Taiwan | 美國人在台灣學習衝浪

Hi friends! I am so excited to take you along on my weekend adventure in Yilan with some of my friends! We had a blast with California Surf Waiao Beach House! Surfing is definitely not easy, but I am proud of us for trying! So thankful we were able to spend some time by the ocean! This small reminder of home was just what I needed 🙂

*Many of you recommended/asked for Chinese subtitles! Here you go! So excited that this gets to be my first subtitled video 🙂

Instagram: @waiaosurfnsport


There’s a First Time for Everything | Taipei, Taiwan:

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Thank you so much for watching! 🙂 xoxo ~ Kristi

22 Replies to “Americans Learn to Surf in Taiwan | 美國人在台灣學習衝浪”

  1. Wayne Huang

    Kristi, just came across your channel and really enjoyed your story telling and enthusiasm!! Keep up great work! Since you are from Florida and don't see as many mountains, highly recommend that you take a weekend trip to Taroko Gorge as its an incredible area. Happy vlogging!

  2. Amber Feng

    Awesome video! Glad to see you having fun. Be careful when walking on the streets with no side walk, especially at night. Some careless drivers may not be paying attention.

  3. meowziklvr

    Cool video. Most beaches in Taiwan have black sands. Two places with white sands are Baishawan (at the northern tip of the island) and Kenting (southern tip of the island).

  4. Michael G Kelly

    Looks like you had a great time Kristi. Yilan is a wonderful place and the air is so fresh and clean (compared to the big cities) Many more cool adventures in Taiwan ahead for you 🙂

  5. 曾永浤

    在沒有人行道的馬路上 你要走逆向的車道 因為這樣你才可以看到對面的來車 可以注意到安全…🤟🤟😎👍💪🥰💕🎊

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