【Travel in Taiwan】The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway|日月潭纜車

The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway (日月潭纜車) is a gondola lift in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. The ropeway runs through two Buji mountains with an altitude of 996 meters and 1,044 meters. The ropeway consists of two stations, which are Sun Moon Lake Station and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Station. The Sun Moon Lake Station is located at the edge of Sun Moon Lake. The station spans over an area of 3.74 hectares. The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Station at the entrance of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. The ropeway consists of 16 supporting towers. It has a 1,877 meters of path length and 1,925 meters of total length. The gondola consists of red, yellow and blue colors, which represent the sun, moon and lake respectively. The ropeway has self-propelled emergency vehicles in the event of an emergency. It is also equipped with high extension detection device to automatically adjust its cable tension.

Video recorded on 1 Nov. 2021
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Music list:
1.Succotash, by Silent Partner|03:45
2.Serenity, by Aakash Gandhi|07:12
3.Everything You Wanted, by Dan Lebowitz|13:54
4.The Jam, by Slynk & Mr Stabalina|16:43
5.Dance 4X, by TrackTribe|19:22
6.Cumbia City, by An Jone|21:50

2 Replies to “【Travel in Taiwan】The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway|日月潭纜車”

  1. chris burton

    Very good vid . . .
    I've been on a couple of these too.
    Strangely there is one in the centre of London. I think B'Oris was looking for a gimmick when he was mayor.
    It's another Doppelmayr . . .
    There aren't any big mountains or deep or wide valleys to go across in London or scenic views of lakes and forests,
    so it just goes up and then down again, but I guess it's probably the shortest in the world . . .

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