Singapore PM Lee Warns of U.S.-China Miscalculation Over Taiwan

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says tensions over Taiwan risk leading to a miscalculation between the U.S. and China as both nations step up activity around the island. “I don’t think it’s going to war overnight, but it is in a situation where you can have a mishap or a miscalculation and be in a very delicate situation,” Lee said Wednesday night in an interview with Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum event in Singapore.

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  1. S MG

    this man seems to be also a US-funded so called President. the US has nothing to do in asia pacific, its not their region, not their culture and at the end not thier business to interfere in internal affairs of the regional powers.

  2. fung fung

    Tell me if I am wrong: US places their missiles in front of your door, in your backyard, all around your house. You are not allowed to say no, or even acting unhappy, otherwise your are against freedom, democracy and human rights!!!
    I have been in Europe over 20 years, took long enough to understand what "democracy" is, it's a nothing more than a religion. Nothing is about the truth, but faith.

  3. Spirited Truth

    Sadly, I will also not be travelling to Singapore bcos of its vaccine passport mentality. I refused to be vaccinated with this questionable so called vaccine n I am in my late sixties.

    I used to travel back to Malaysia via Singapore bcos I love everything about it n had always travelled on SIA. But not now!

  4. Limit Man

    After two Indonesian regime change, after Vietnam war, after Korean war, after the Chinese civil war, after nuking Japan, after 1998 Asian economic crisis, why does America still welcome in Asia? Maybe just maybe if you don't welcome the US, they will sanction and nuke you back to stone age??

  5. Spirited Truth

    I think this PM is very un realistic and PC about how China works. He overlooks the tyrannical atrocities of the CCP n emphasises on US short comings. He only has MONEY in his eyes. Sorry he is not such a great PM as his father. So, sad that Singapore PM has become a running dog of the CCP.

    I have always had great respect for Lee Kwan Yuen but his son does nothing for me especially after listening to him here.

    And, as to the vaccine mandate he imposed on his nation is WRONG. He has allowed himself to be bought by Pharma companies n had followed bad n untruthful science. He should have had put in place early treatment protocol with drugs that could have minimized the death. The death rate soared all over the world bcos of this suppression of early treatment protocol.

    So, sad Singapore is setting itself to be a subordinate of China by its running dog demeanor.

  6. Jack Boone

    The gravest miscalculation is done by Singapore. Their cosy relations with the Chinese Communist Party has caused them billions of dollars. As the CCP goes bankrupt, Singapore stands to lose many billions more. Mr. Lee should lecture himself and his idiot wife first. hehe

  7. Francelee Paris

    Guy is a fake…. If he was such a great leader, why doesn’t he allow migrants in? Why doesn’t he get rid of the fascistic laws that are in force in his country.. you cannot talk about freedom and tell other people what to do when your own country is run like a dictatorship… hypocrisy at its most eloquent..😏😕

  8. RPG BB

    An example world leader? Singapore is controlled by the Chinese Mafia, totally Money Laundry Centre. Singapore is a country where they have condemned a mentally handicapped man from Malaysia to death penalty. Where are the West outrage? Singapore has a ISA which makes the HK national security law looks like Amsterdam City regulations. Where are the West sanctions? I really wish China could be an alternative to the West hypocrisy but Alas…

  9. asianthor

    The USA along with England/Britain/The UK, France, Australia, and most of Europe will do everything possible to keep any non-White Nation(Especially Asian) from becoming a World leader. What the USA and England/Britain/The UK have done collectively in the last 120 years has molded everything in their favor that has to do with power, wealth, and control over every other Nation(minus Israel, of course). Now that China has risen and is a serious challenge to their power, both the USA and England/Britain/The UK are trying their hardest to keep China from elapsing their hegemony worldwide.

  10. nathan perish

    China committing genocide against Uyghurs, stealing intellectual property and taking a hardline expansionist approach to all adjacent nations. Yes, let's find a way to coexist and maintain a status-quo/appeasement strategy – history has shown this works out very well.

  11. MBN Djuai ana

    Taiwan people will choose their own freedom that’s what we are call human rights they’re right for independent country if their people want it because Chinese people have their own rights rule and constitution any where in the world right to be freedom if that country doesn’t have freedom equality life! Even in USA still not equality life for everyone!

  12. Azure Violet

    The PM is striving so hard to strike a balance and not offend anyone. But Singapore definitely has hedged its bets on the United States and has over the years moved closer to the US. But so has many ASEAN countries who see China's belligerent attitude as a threat and destabilising the region.

  13. SG Lives Matter

    Bloomberg should not waste their time talking to this snakehead. It is not that he is wise about current situation between Taiwan and china crises. We have to look at the big picture on what the investment and the security of Singapore are all about. The investment in china is more than SGD260 billion and one wrong move by this snakehead the investment will be eroded overnight. The security of Singapore's military hardware and training are from USA, EU , Israel and Australia. If there is really a war between the US and China who would you think Singapore be siding……you will know it yourself. Basically, what this snakehead is showcasing is his upcoming stooges in the ringfence….

  14. Rub Bis

    As wise as his father. Australia PM has tried to have him go against China but failed miserably. SE Asia countries are smart, they do not want to choose sides.

  15. Christopher Tadeo

    Why should I believe u on keeping as non partisan? You're Chinese yourself…if the US wants advice in China relation, it's probably not a good idea to hear it from a chinese…

  16. wils

    After China gets Taiwan, Singapore will be next. Lee can enjoy talking like the last emperor of Singapore for now but sooner or later his little garden city will be ruled by PRC.

  17. mila ong

    It's logical for small thriving nations to produce exceptional leaders than the hegemon because the non-hegemon doesn't have the MIGHT to force thing to be RIGHT. They have to be exceptionally RIGHT to be luckily effective in producing the little MIGHT they can be allowed to. Don't expect such caliber of leadership from, sp. USA, when leaders won't even care how they will look to their own people and the regard of other nations. They just need to bring the big GUNS out to solve any problem they may encounter. Still practicing gun boat diplomacy to this day.

  18. New Personality

    While there is absolutely no one trust China, and everything that China has become today was due to US and Europe, he is the middle man between the two countries.

  19. mila ong

    USA just doesn't understand that it just couldn't keep insulting other nation sovereignty. In case of Taiwan, China has given up so much in terms of sovereignty. Imagine allowing the same situation in USA. And now, Taiwan reigning party is taking advantage of USA current hostile sentiment against China, has been willingly cooperating and pushing its agenda to secede from China which of course China as any functioning nation won't definitely allow. In other words USA and Taiwan are childishly provoking China. The Chinese government has the responsibility and duty to the Chinese people to maintain its dignity and protect its sovereignty. Unbelievable it's so hard for the western world to see that including this host and all MSM.

  20. mila ong

    No the Chinese doesn't believe the USA is going down inevitably. It only thinks that if the USA keep doing the way they are doing now, and not correctioning its mistakes, of course it will go down. USA has to do some correction. What nation does not have to correct any mistake it has. Very simple.

  21. David Ebert

    Lots of minimum-wage wu mao here today. China can’t even make a reliable toaster. Do you honestly think they can defeat the USA? If China wants to be stupid and attack Taiwan, they will face not only Taiwan and the USA. They will face Australia. And, if that’s not enough, how about Japan? China’s military would go from about a million men to about 500,000 in a month.

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