7 Replies to “Ammo Shortage 2021: Supply Chain Collapse, Food Scarcity, War, WW3, Poland, Belarus, China, Taiwan”

  1. Vancity Prepper

    We are in a mini flood disaster here on west coast bc Canada. Some stores have been cleaned out, fuel is run out, people are riding bicycles in certain areas.

  2. HomeValue Glass

    I'm wondering why the worker shortage at all the fast food joints and dollar store? I hearing people saying unemployment checks ended and so they're blaming covid deaths but it was mostly old-timers dying, not teens and young adults.

  3. Dave Goff

    Very good video. Just dont watch your backyard. Watch every where. You have a better chance of seeing things coming before they get to you. Ive been doing that for over 40 yrs.

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