The Taipei Budget Travel Guide

7 great tips to help you plan your trip to the capital city of Taiwan. Check out the cameras and travel gears I used for this video below:

Canon 60D –

Joby Gorillapod –

Apple iPhone 6S –

My Travel Gears for this Trip:

Luggage by Thule –

Laptop Bag by Pacsafe –

Footwear by Birkestock:

Walking Shoes by Rockport:

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45 Replies to “The Taipei Budget Travel Guide”

  1. LexGo

    Hi there! If you have questions in planning your trip to Taipei, feel free to post them here. I and the whole community will be happy to help you! I also made other videos on Taipei. You might find them helpful as well. Just search on Youtube: LexGo Taipei. Enjoy your trip!

  2. tona296

    At last you were driving ..Is this car on rent or you have your own car ?
    I am going in October ..Taipei and Taitung city also..So I need car or can manage with train . Because someone told me taxi very expensive in Taiwan.
    And if I need car in Taiwan is this compulsory I need international license .
    Please reply

  3. June Y

    Thanks! Btw Chiang Kai-shek is NOT Taiwan's "founding father". He was a dictator from China who fled China then had Taiwan under martial law for decades and murdered lots of Taiwanese people

  4. Shane carwin

    Im going here next week. I will prob have trouble getting around since everyone speaks mandarin only. Do u think $1000 is plenty for two people after hotels r paid for

  5. Croxfire

    Excelent job in this video. I'm forward to visit another city, "Taichung". At the moment i'm dealing with the visa burocracy, but I hope iIcan visit the country in the 2017.

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